jumpy basketball [deleted] 1:38am, 5 February 2008
Man it's taking me a while...maybe I should have opted for straws. I'm following Paulo's guide. I've been at it for a little bit and was wondering if anyone else had made one. In particular, I'm looking for something that I could use to fit over the flash on my SB-600. I'm even thinking a small black-painted container with the bottom cut out, and maybe some plush or thick black fabric around the rear inside edges to keep it snug. I have the grid itself about half way done, but I have nothing to put it in. It's only an inch thick (vs. two inches...I don't want it too isolated) and I'm hoping it will be just a bit larger than the SB-600 head. It seems to be going that way.
chikabelley 10 years ago
I made a holder to fit the flash.

minphotoart 10 years ago
i'm in the process of making it haha
PANZERWOLF Posted 10 years ago. Edited by PANZERWOLF (member) 10 years ago
i've done cardboard hex grids in the past, but they are quite fragile and don't transport well
now i mainly use black straw grids, i prefer their round beam and they are pretty crush proof in the bag
i also still use some cardboard grids, but with a square grid pattern, so they can be folded flat for transport
adamduckworth PRO 10 years ago
There's a company in Britain who sell small dish reflectors that have a honeycomb grid fitted. They fit Nikon and Canon guns,
Try www.viewfinderphotography.co.uk/
Ken D Photo PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Ken D Photo (member) 10 years ago
Get one of those black foam can holders, used to keep cans cold, cut out the bottom and put your straws inside. They'll fit almost any hammer type flash without using velcro. You can glue two end on end and get a longer snoot if you like.
jeffegg2 PRO 10 years ago
I had been thinking of making something like this and make it collapsable for easily putting it into my cam bag. I saw a honeycomb grid for using on a softbox that is made of flexible material that gave me the idea....
alleged pencil [deleted] 10 years ago
I don't know the expense here, and I imagine it's high, so if you know anyone who happens to do composite structural repairs on aircraft panels and such, there is a source for some very interesting honeycomb material. Some of it is aluminum and quite shiny on the inner surfaces, others are black and others are neutral taupe or beige colors. I do work in this field and as I come across this stuff, I'm going to lay my hands on the scraps and see what I can do with it. When I do, I'll post here first.
jumpy basketball [deleted] 10 years ago
Thanks guys. Adam, thanks for the link although I'd rather not spend $100+ on one, that's why I'm making it myself. : P Chika...looks pretty good. Is that just black duct tape on the outside?
Tehachapi Larry 10 years ago
I made one out of black straws and it works great. The only problem has been finding the right kind of glue. I first used a super-glue type, which was brittle and cracked, allowing the straws to slide in and out. Then I found a vinyl repair glue from Loctite which worked great. I used a cereal box and gaffer's tape to hold them all together, and my own modification: I cut the back end into 4 flaps, and put velcro on the insides to stick onto the velcro on my flash heads. Works great!!
tef10-7 10 years ago
I tried to make Paulo's but I've got stone fingers so I gave up... Made a couple of snoots to keep my sanity and will be ordering straws ('cause I can't find the damn things anywhere around here --and I'm sick of looking) to try the other grid.
superb coil [deleted] 10 years ago
I gave up on trying to find black straws and ended up buying a couple of boxes of cheap black pens (< $1 per dozen) and used the tubes from those. The tubes are straight, close to the same circumference as the straws, and about 12cm long. They are a bit thicker than straws but not by too much and were fairly easy to work with once I figured out how to cut them down to size (I found scoring them with a knife and breaking them at the score did the trick). The one advantage of them being thicker was I was able to tape them up in a bundle and insert them into a short homemade snoot - no glue necessary. I don't have a picture at the moment but it is not much different than the straw ones.

Of course, I haven't taken too many photos with it yet and it could be that my version doesn't work as well as some of the others. Once I get a chance to play with it I will post some results.
tef10-7 10 years ago
Hmmmm... Breaking cheap black pens --that I can do! Take a quick snap (pun intended) at the wall and let us know how it works. There is a Staples right around the corner!
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