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dry weather [deleted] 2:30am, 18 January 2008
Good (or bad) customer service is one of the main ways to differentiate yourself when you're selling on the internet, and FlashZebra has good service in spades.

I ordered about $200 worth of stuff from Lon at www.flashzebra.com on Saturday, and it arrived today (Friday). Possibly not too unusual until you realise that I'm in Perth, Western Australia, half the world away.

Lon was initially worried that my order would exceed the weight limit for the lower level cost-tier for postage, so warned me via email, then a couple of hours later emailed again to say it was an ounce under the limit so the shipping quote was correct and the package was on its way.

It arrived today - well packed, and I'm very happy with the quality of the gear ordered.

Thanks Lon. Another happy customer.
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Michael W Productions 11 years ago
I have to chime in as well. Very helpful even for a standard order. I even got an email directly from him letting me know all kinds of extra details. Fast response to any questions. Fast delivery. Wish he carried more stuff!
Meester Steve 11 years ago
Nice products, quick service, and Lon obviously knows what he's doing.

My only issue was that maybe my stuff was packed TOO well. Lots of tape to cut off...but it arrived in one piece, so I can't really complain!
Eric Gaddy Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Eric Gaddy (member) 11 years ago
I'll fourth that... Perfect cables and quick.
Terry Moore 11 years ago
I was impressed with his knowledge and great service. Very pleasant to deal with. Oh, yeah, lots of tape--that sounds very familiar.
whipartist PRO 11 years ago
I'll fifth that. There was a small error in an order from him, and after a brief email exchange wherein he confirmed that the cable wasn't where it should have been (taped to another item), he quickly and cheerfully sent me the missing part.
ttstam 11 years ago
Sixth + opinion here too! We at Seattle Flickr Meetup just did another group order of 60+ Pocket wizards and Pocket Wizard Multimaxes. Guess where we send people to buy their hot-shoe adapter cables? :-)
Mr Hutt 11 years ago
Another very happy customer over multiple orders. Lon is awesome!!
©Delos Johnson 11 years ago
Add me to the fan club. Good quality product and service deserve praise.
pear52 PRO 11 years ago
I only ordered a light stand bracket, but Lon got it right out. Nothing but praise for him. I hope he is able to survive and build his business. Yes, he likes his tape, but it does the trick.
obtainable cap [deleted] 11 years ago
Yep, ordered from Lon, had a great buying experience.
Michael Shattuck 11 years ago
Yet another supporter. I made 2 bonehead mistakes and had to place 3 orders instead of one over the course of 2 weeks. [Thought I was just going to need one cable...then I thought two would do it...DOH!...actually needed three! You live and learn.]

Lon was incredibly fast to get the cables out....great quality products as well.
stellarviewer PRO 11 years ago
I fully concur on the high quality of service from FlashZebra.

About a month ago I ordered some of the PocketWizard cradles and they were sent out immediately.

Mine didn't have to come as far as the half way around the world though. They just needed to cross the Ohio river from Northern Kentucky to the Southwestern Ohio area about 20 miles or so.

It is good to see a startup company that provides this kind of service.
descriptive hat [deleted] 11 years ago
<- One more extremely satisfied customer.

When I first got my Pocket wizards for my Sunpak 383s. Instead of making me wait an agonizing amount of time to get my sunpak cables modded so I could play with the new toys he offered to send me modded cables from his stock - of which he only had 3 and no more coming in - as long as I sent him my unmodded cables as well. Seriously though, Lon is my only choice next time I'm getting any adapters. His service and supplies are second to none as far as I'm concerned.
daikusan 11 years ago
Asked him a question about PC cords last nite thru email and got a response within the hour. Where can you find a service like that? I'll be ordering some cords from him.
BlazingB! PRO 11 years ago
Lon is the man for all your cords, the dude rocks!
rols.offilm 11 years ago
Just want to echo the sentiments-- Lon was very helpful in answering my questions about which cords to get for what flashes depending on what triggering system I was planning on getting.

I even posted a problem I was experiencing with my too-high-voltage Vivitar 283 and he offered to refund the cable if it was at fault (which it wasn't).

Anyways, I'll order my cables and anything else that I can from him again. I'm not a solder-guy so I'll gladly buy the cables that he provides :)

Great stuff, Lon!
David de Groot PRO 11 years ago
I just made a small order today (after seeing Mike's (OP) recommendation on another forum). Hopefully now (or at least soon), I'll be able to use my other flash and thus have a 2 light setup :)
mattfogarty Posted 11 years ago. Edited by mattfogarty (member) 11 years ago
I sent a question about a product I wanted but did not see on his site. He emailed very promptly and explained why he does not make the cable I wanted, and explained that he is trying to stick to doing one thing (flash cables, etc) really well and does not want to branch out too much yet and get off track.

It sounds like he is doing just that. When I do need cables he makes, I guarantee I will go to him. Great service, and I was not even buying anything yet.
cluttered team [deleted] Posted 11 years ago. Edited by cluttered team (member) 11 years ago
I have bought some great stuff from his site
Lon has the right attitude and passion for the game.
I recommend him whenever I can

I browse to flashzebra.com every now and then to check for new products.

Also, he shares his great knowledge in forums like thiss, potn..
Thanks Lon!
mk mo 11 years ago
One more positive experience here. I am a beneficiary of the recent group purchase of PWs in Seattle and got my cables from Lon. The cables arrived super fast and the individualized service was remarkable. The cables were wrapped in the invoice slip, which included a personal handwritten thank you from Lon. He even addressed me the way I sign my emails. Attention to details is the mark of great customer service. The next time I need to purchase something, I'll be checking to see if Lon carries it first.

Good luck with the business Lon! You set the standard when it comes to customer service.
Olivier H 11 years ago
The service is wonderful, Lon is nice and responsive, all of that on top of items not carried anywhere else.
Payment via paypal simplified everything for my order from France.
concerned mine [deleted] 11 years ago
Another + vote, this time from Ireland.
Sylvester X 11 years ago
always good service, used twice, London, UK
rrdphoto 11 years ago
Wow - it is great to see all these folks coming out in support of Lon!

I've got a slightly different perspective, as I know the guy in person! We're both active members of the Camera Club of Cincinnati and both share a love of gadgetry - though I think he takes it to a whole new level. :)

Lon is an incredibly helpful person in real life as well as through Flash Zebra. It's great to see him get the praise (and business!) that he deserves.

And, in the interest of full disclosure, I'm not just saying this because I get to try out new products from time to time! :)
marcus_neto 11 years ago
I to just recently purchased some cables from Lon and received stellar service. Go Lon!
Motoptik 11 years ago
I too have purchased gear and cables from Lon as well. Shipped fast, well packed and EXACTLY as described in the product description. The personal touch is great! I can't remember last when I got a hand written note enclosed with my order, THANKING me for my business. Best Regards, -Bob
Fort Photo PRO 11 years ago
Just chiming in to say I also had wonderful service and my order arrived promptly as promised. Will shop there again!
Ditto. I made an ordered some PC to mono-jack (for Skyports) cables a couple of months ago after asking some questions here on the boards. Lon found my post on the forums and shipped me some new and improved screw-lock PC to mono-jack cables instead, free of charge!

This is why I prefer dealing with small businesses. They know how to treat their customers, sans the "screw-you vibe". I would recommend FlashZebra to all my photography friends.
Mista Fitz 11 years ago
I think I've posted my testimonial before, but here it is again.

+1 From Vancouver Island, BC

(thanks for the non-ridiculous priced shipping)
carlos.benjamin 11 years ago
Lon's not just a vendor here, but a very helpful member of the strobist flickr group. You can find his posts all through the discussion threads.

You might also like to know that he doesn't just sell cables but can mod your flashes to add sync ports or even change the type of sync port. After having trouble with cables for my Sunpak 383 flashes he modded two of them to change the sync ports from sub-mini to mini jacks. Now I buy an audio cable from Radio Shack for a few bucks instead of a much shorter $20 cable that ends up destroying the sync jack (but that's another story....).
allykatimages 11 years ago
Here's another very happy customer. I did the Flash modification and am very happy I did. I was so impressed with his service and now order from him whenever I can. I wish your product line was bigger. It really helps that he offers tons of great advice too.
Alfredk PRO 11 years ago
I too have ordered some cables from him just recently and I have to say that the service was great, the shipping was not overpriced and the cables work like a charm. Thanks Lon!
number95 Posted 11 years ago. Edited by number95 (member) 11 years ago
I have nothing but great things to say about Lon.
I'm glad to see others saying the same.
lax9dan 11 years ago
Eureka!! Add me to the list of very satisfied customers.

Lets keep this going. Maybe we can beat the Ogalthorpe thread.
J Tra Posted 11 years ago. Edited by J Tra (member) 11 years ago
Awsome service, products, and communication!

+36 (let's get this tally started!)
dylan.greene 11 years ago
One more happy customer here! Thanks, Lon!
photomagraphs 11 years ago
Lon rocks my socks

great service to the UK
EFB_99 11 years ago
Yepper, Lon is a great vendor to deal with.
MT Stringer 11 years ago
heh, heh, I don't know about rockin' my socks, but he has helped me on several occasions with info and fast shippping on parts I ordered from him.

Thanks Lon.
perpetual building [deleted] 11 years ago
First post here - just to join in and thank Lon for fast & courteous service on my recent order. U.S.A. to U.K. faster than some "local" vendors!!

Retina Scan 11 years ago
Hate to be a parrot here just to echo "me too", but again, I was very pleased with the products and service form Lon. We exchanged several email where I learned a lot. I've ordered a couple times now and certainly will continue to order from him going forward for flash brackets, cables, etc.
tt-hography PRO 11 years ago
add me to the list. thanks lon!
Geoff Ball 11 years ago
Going to take a peek at flashzebra (curious now : )
Alexei Calambokidis 11 years ago
Great service and fast too!!!

Great person to do business with
instinctive payment [deleted] 11 years ago
Great service, fast delivery! Ships to Europe (norway) to! =)
Bernt-Inge 11 years ago
+1 on that :) to Norway ;) fast and reliable service :)


renfield33 11 years ago
yup... gotta say i had great service from lon too. i ordered a set of PC to female headphone cables... quick shipping.
euge.lee 11 years ago
for Lon and FlashZebra!!!
Orangebug 10 years ago
In UK - ordered some Female Hotshoe to Elinchrom Skyport cables on 18th Feb, they dispatched on 19th Feb, and arrived 26th Feb. And the shipping price - 6 US dollars. Which is 2 dollars less and 3 days faster than a certain company based in Guernsey which I also shop with (UK users will know!). And the cables work well with my Canon 430EX.

Great service, good products, fair prices, fast delivery - what more could you want? Well done Lon.

Secgeek06 10 years ago
+1 on that.. Thanks Lon.. Ordering the Cable tonight!!!
offcameraflash 10 years ago
Yup, I have to agree, too. I got my 285HV - Skyport cable mere
*seconds*, yes, *seconds* after making my payment, and I'm
in Poland. Seconds!
Brian Lund 10 years ago
I ordered some hotshoe->ebay receiver adapter cables and umbrella holders. The service and email reply time is proberly the best I have ever experienced. Can't recommend enough.
basswork 10 years ago
Ditto on all this. I had a strange experience at an LA Strobist shoot. Once my flashes were seated on the hot shoe adapter (Flash Zebra), none of the controls functioned -- couldn't change the mode, pop a test flash, nothing.

I put another flash in, same problem. Did it with another Strobist's Nikon flash -- same thing. Cue the Twilight Zone theme song.

I emailed Lon and he replied immediately offering to swap the adapter for a replacement. I have not been able to reproduce the problem at home, so I've yet to take him up on it.

But he stands behind his stuff.
JBAT 10 years ago
I too had great luck with him.
smoggy sidewalk [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by smoggy sidewalk (member) 10 years ago
I have just written Lon to ask about shipment cost to Italy and he replied he does not ship to Italy. It's a pitty to hear he has such great products and not being able to buy them
jmhoying 10 years ago
I met Lon at the Cincinnati Strobist meeting and really enjoyed his enthusiasm for off camera lighting. I had left my jacket at the meet-up and Lon was kind enough to mail it to me (as well as a few items that I ordered from him). All this.....and he makes a great model!


Dennis Dietz 10 years ago
Definitely great to deal with!
mnealtx 10 years ago

Lon was MORE than patient with all my questions and took the time to explain everything to me in terms I could understand, being a total newbie to anything having to do with flash photography.
daveawebber 10 years ago
Nice to put a face to the name..............:o)

.BigDaddy. 10 years ago
Nothing but the best things to say about my dealings with Lon.

Thanks so much for the products you offer and sharing your knowledge.
Image-Guy 10 years ago
I have to agree! Lon is the man. I ordered a couple of items from him. Upon delivery, one item had a defect. I sent Lon a photo of the defect and he replied almost instantly (had never seen the defect before). He gave me the option of a refund for the item or to ship out a replacement when more stock arrived (about 2 weeks). I took the option of waiting for a replacement. I e-mailed him after about 2 weeks and he had stock and said he will ship out 2 replacements to thank me for being patient.

I will continue to order from him when ever I can. Great customer service!
Unfortunately I did not get the item. however Lon refunded me with a single email. No questions asked. That is fantastic.

Now I've a problem though, where to get these items in Germany?!
TravisBallard 10 years ago
Well, all that i can say about Lon is that he is definitely a great guy. always taking the time to work with his customers on an individual basis and help out with just about anything when he can. i have received nothing but top notch customer service from him and i would recommend him to anyone. and i have and will continue to do so.

if anyone sets the standard in customer service, it's Lon...

Cant thank you enough,
probable rake [deleted] 10 years ago
Lon's the man. Talk about personal service and attention to your needs.
Twice now, I've asked him some bone question that he took the time to answer in more detail than I deserved. He's got my business.

FlashZebra is proof that professionalism and service are not extinct in the 21st century.
carlos.benjamin 10 years ago
What? This is still going after a couple of months???


The Zebra's a good guy, does great work and isn't just here to sell stuff. He actually posts answers to questions on the forums that don't net him any sales......
Benrajak 10 years ago
Not to mention he does not market himself on the forums either! He is great with people and takes time to help people! He rocks all the way!! Keep 'em coming Lon! Nice portrait of Lon by the way jmhoying! Now we have a face to match the praises!
jim mercure 10 years ago
Two thumbs up from the three orders I've placed with him.
Very affordable prices, super fast shipping and prompt e-mail responses.
Tеоn PRO 10 years ago
Another very satisfied customer!

Great service and prices
mcbill 10 years ago
I too was impressed with their quick shipping and helpful personal emails. I found them through a friend in the seattle strobist group and only ordered a few things, but I'll certainly be back for more.
P Lawrence 10 years ago
I must admit the communication with Flashzebra/Lon is excellent - always quick and very helpful.

However, I must be the only one who is not pleased with the delivery time from the US to UK. Ordered 2 umbrella brackets on 22nd May and it still has not arrived!!!

It's certainly not Lon's fault as he dispatched it very soon after I placed the order...but I heard it may be due to the US internal postage system. This delay is putting me off ordering anything else from the US.

Just for comparison, I ordered 3 times from Hong Kong (twice with Gadegt Infinity) and all items arrived in the UK in 3-4 working days!
changeyourtree 10 years ago
I also had wonderful service. I too wish he carried more products.
Joisey Mike Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Joisey Mike (member) 10 years ago
Thumbs up here too -- I just bought 3 optical triggers and pc-pc wires from flashzebra, and they arrived quickly, and Lon was responsive and very cool in all of the emails.
Ed_Z 10 years ago
Just echoing the general sentiment! Lon is my exclusive source for strobe adapters/hardware. Great guy!
I love working with him.
I once asked a question on the website and had a personal email in a few hours time. Try that kind of service with B&H or Adorama...

Thanks for all the hard work Lon!
Hope you enjoyed your well deserved vacation. I left an order for you when you get back :-)
Ouch, Ray, that hurt!!

My job involves picking up issues and queries related to Adorama, right across the internet!

You can also contact me directly: helen.oster@adoramacamera.com

Helen Oster
Adorama Camera Customer Service Ambassador
JacobVorpahl 10 years ago
I've also just recently had a good exchange with FlashZebra. I ordered the cables on a Friday morning, early in the morning. They arrived on Monday, with a personal thank you written from Lon on the invoice. He's got my business from now for all of my strobist needs, that's for sure.
Mark-of-Cain 10 years ago
I concur..

Great service and products!
ripe images 10 years ago
I have yet to order from them, but I did have some questions regarding some products i wanted (one of them being a replacement cord for my cactus trigger) and the response was fast and he helped me figure out what i needed. the only reason i didnt order it was because i found the cord lol. I still would like to get some pc splitters and some other things. which im hoping to order soon.
justjoephoto PRO 10 years ago
I try to mention FlashZebra every chance I get when people are trying to connect Pocket Wizards and Ebay Poverty Wizards to flashes here on the Strobist group. Lon has earned my trust and admiration enough for me to endorse him to my group here in Rochester, NY when someone asks me for cables

Thanks for the great service Lon.
ruoloc 10 years ago
I've placed an order to the UK with Lon. He was extremely fast in replying to my idiot question and has posted the items within hours of the order.

And the exchange rate makes his gear great value for us Brits.

A great resource.
The Red Giant 10 years ago
Purchased from Lon, he sent it off quickly, the products were great, and he even personally signs each invoice. That's old-fashioned quality service :).
HD_Keith PRO 10 years ago
Ditto here as well - Fantastic service from Lon. I would love to do all my business with him if only he carried more stuff
YUL.Wade 10 years ago
Being in Canada my selection is not always what it could be. Ordering from FlashZebra was fantastic. Very fair prices on both the items they sell and the first class mail shipping.

I get so sick of the overpriced shipping so many of the others offer.

Thanks again, and please add more to your catalog of products so I can send more business your way. Things like, Light stands, umbrellas, sand bags etc...
jprphotography1 10 years ago
I bought a pre-release cable for my d70s from flash zebra, it kicked ass and made pancakes in the morning!

virovent 10 years ago
I live in France where it's hard to find very specialized stuff like umbrella shoe mount, hot shoe adapters, PC cables, etc at reasonable prices.

Thanks to Strobist, I have discovered Zebra and I am very satisfied :

Good products, very fast and fairly priced shipping (which matters when you live far abroad)
ibxpete 10 years ago
I can't say enough good things about Lon and Flash Zebra. I wish more companies operated as he does.
now ive seen a pic of him it all makes sense - you dont get decent service from short hired idiots in suits you get attitude and greed
lon's a great guy, helpful and honest.

if i had a spare $100,000 id persuade him to run for president :)
plucky drawer [deleted] 10 years ago
I'll pile it on for Lon.
I ordered some stuff form him and he upgraded me to Priority Shipping, at his expense, simply because "it was not that much more". I ordered on Monday from Oregon and I received the package on Wednesday!
Jean Labelle PRO 10 years ago
If Lon and I were in prison, I'd protect him in the shower.

Nothing but a great purchasing experience over here as well... highly recommended!
steadfast alarm [deleted] 10 years ago
Same here! Bought a hot shoe to PW cord and got here in 2-3 days. I'm in B.C.

Excellent and impeccable service.

Thanks! Lon!
Matt Hunt PRO 10 years ago
And here. Good service on my first order and just as good on my second. Now I need an excuse for a third order :)
Paul_Bradley 10 years ago
Lon's great - good service deserves to be talked about. I too have had excellent service from flashzebra in the past and would not only buy from him again but would wholeheartedly recommend him to others.
The Lawgiver 10 years ago
My first Flash Zebra order should be here tomorrow. Ordered on Thursday, got to my local PO on Saturday but after they had left for their run.

Pretty quick service though to east bumblef@ck NY.
aikon8290 10 years ago
Lon was very quick to reply to my email and even directed me to the right item to buy. Haven't place my order yet since they are out of stock, but surely will buy it from FlashZebra when it becomes available.
carlos fabrizio Posted 10 years ago. Edited by carlos fabrizio (member) 10 years ago
Lon has provided great customer service and products each time I've purchased items from him. Quick to respond and is great to do business with.
StevenErat PRO 10 years ago
I agree that Lon was great to work with. He personally communicated to me to thank me for the order, and put a short handwritten note of thanks in box. There was a small mixup in the order, but when notified he shipped the corrected item to me overnight.
Malcolm Waring 10 years ago
Has anyone mentioned that it's wonderful to do business with Lon at Flash Zebra? =8-0

I think my first order was over a year ago for custom short PW cables, and my most recent order was last week.

Now if he only had short usb cables...
aikon8290 10 years ago
Another happy customer here!

Shipping was fast. The items were securely packed.

Thanks Lon!
The Levys 10 years ago
I'll add to the chain. Stumbled on FlashZebra through the AlienBee's site. I knew nothing about the company but assumed teh AlienBee reference was on the up-and-up!

Purchased two cables and needed info on the third that was out of stock. I immediately received a personal response from Lon asking what I was looking for and if he could suggest other options. He did and I placed a second order. What did he do??... he refunded the shipping on the second order and consolidated the orders into one... without my even asking. A great testament to a caring and trustworthy merchant.

Great first experience. -- jay
saperboy 10 years ago
I purchased the 580ex shoe replacement and a few cables. Everything went smoothly. Quick response time. Really a pleasure to have found FlashZebra.
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