OT: hackr?

Francesco Gallarotti 4:14am, 19 September 2007
geoffconet [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by geoffconet (member) 10 years ago
Nope. Talk like a pirate day.

shantaya ~ dannie PRO 10 years ago
Francesco Gallarotti 10 years ago
Maybe a chinese stock photography site is slurping all flickr's hard drives as we speak!

or not...
Arrr, I just noticed the pirate flag myself. Shameless plug!
wiredfool 10 years ago
Arr. Avast! Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of rum and such. Or Port.

Mmmmm. Port.
Francesco Gallarotti 10 years ago
aka how to get flickr a free ride on all american news tomorrow morning... lol
K. Walker [deleted] 10 years ago
John Leonard 10 years ago
Arrrrrrr, Hoist up t' strobes!
Bpchern 10 years ago
Yar, today be a day to steer clear of the poop deck!
Francesco Gallarotti 10 years ago
Scott Hargis 10 years ago
There's a new pirate movie coming out.

It's rated "Arrrrrgh"
Moniet 10 years ago
Strobe ahoy!!
Sean McCormack 10 years ago
Why are pirates evil?
Because they just Arrrrrrre
carlos.benjamin 10 years ago
I've invented a device that let's ye hang a strobe from the yard-arm.......

Great for off-camera lighting for those otherwise dull walkin' the plank sessions.
Uh... favourite flash... Vivitarrrrr.

In half an hour that's the best I could come up with. You've been a lovely audience, thank you and good night.
petanque don 10 years ago
And silly me thought that pirates these days tend to be computer people who are just too lazy to use Linux (can anybody comply with all the licence conditions all the time on most commercial software).

I must admit I saw the Jolly Rodger and wondered what was happening.
Mozella 10 years ago
Gimme an "R".....................Arrrrrrre
Gimme an "R".....................Arrrrrrre
Gimme an "R".....................Arrrrrrre

What's that spell?.................ARRRRRRE!
avast ye scurvy storbists, grab yer lanyards and strobes, tighten em to the jib and strobe away till we all end up in Davey Jones Locker
Swansea Photographer 10 years ago
thaaaaaar she blows!
Returning fire!

(2007-05-11) Civil War Encampment 062
tuthdoc99 10 years ago
I just saw that you can change your language setting to Arr! whole flickr is hilarious now......very piratey. Arrrrrr.
A@Dhaka [deleted] 10 years ago
No Canon?
NIKORRRRN to the rescue!!
Swansea Photographer 10 years ago
haha, its getting dangerous around here!!!
mortonphotographic 10 years ago
The title of this thread is off topic to this topic...

It's supposed to be Hackrrrrrrrr...
carlos.benjamin 10 years ago
OK. The return fire from pope has me crackin' up.......

My only regret is that I'm not working today as I use international talk like a pirate day to liven things up when I'm in the office...... or further undermine my credibility, I'm not sure which.
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