Eric Gaddy 1:26pm, 1 August 2007
DIY French Window Gobo
DIY French Window Gobo

30 minutes or less!

This is a fun bit of creativity I had last night. I looked down at an empty case of beer with its bottle divider and the light bulb went off above my head... actually it was a flash.

This is my make at a 'French Window' style light mod. The reason I say French window is because it reminds me of French doors having all those panels in them.

First I cut a hole in the bottom of the box.

DIY French Window Gobo - box

Reading Premium Beer, from Reading, PA

DIY French Window Gobo - opening for flash

DIY French Window Gobo - flash

I needed some sort of a diffuser to broaden the spread of the light so that all of the panes were covered almost equally. For this I glued/taped some tissue paper about 4 inches from the bottom of the box.
DIY French Window Gobo - diffuser
DIY French Window Gobo
DIY French Window Gobo
DIY French Window Gobo

Next I taped the flaps of the top of the box together to lengthen the GOBO. Handy gaffers tape always works.

DIY French Window Gobo

This is the divider that keeps the beer bottles in place when they are in the box.

DIY French Window Gobo

Ok, then I place the divider at the edge of the box as far out as it will go and not fall out. This is to give the light a more difined 'window pane' look. You know why that is from the Strobist lessons.

DIY French Window Gobo

This light mod only took about 30 minutes including the time to take quick snap shots of it. Very easy to do if you need that 'window' look for a portrait. This one looks best as a full body portrait on a large surface but I am sure someone will be able to make one that works well for just head shots.

DIY French Window Gobo

DIY French Window Gobo

Have fun!

Steve.Korn 10 years ago
Nice job, Eric, way to see the light.
JustForTestShots 10 years ago
Nice lighting beer... eh, gear.
Didn't see the reason to do this type of thing until the sample shots... interesting light mod.
Eric Gaddy 10 years ago
Ah, maybe I should put one towards the top. Thanks.
mdpayne 10 years ago
I think it needs more chinese triggers. You know the type, with modified contacts for the batteries.

On a serious note, for portraits, maybe stand the box on the long end? We need more sample shots, before I order a case of beer from PA; it better be good.
Eric Gaddy 10 years ago
Good point about the vertical box. The Megs wanted to read instead of posing for pictures... go figure. Lets hope those rigged triggers keep working then, eh?
Brock N. Meeks 10 years ago
What I thought of immediately when I saw this was as a gobo'd shadow BEHIND the model, not "on top of," but it works either way.
Eric Gaddy Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Eric Gaddy (member) 10 years ago
I had not actually thought of it that way. That would certainly work quite well. Thanks Brock! My original intention making this was to be able to use that cool early morning window light at any time of the day or night to fall on the subject. Probably with a CTO on the flash.
Bart R. Willems 10 years ago
Ok, getting the box was easy. But what to do with all those bottles of beer... Ooh, what I have to go through to get my light right....
Eric Gaddy 10 years ago
I'll try to get some more examples of shots tonight. But I'm busy working on emptying up a box to use.
guitarbug2007 10 years ago
Way cool!! Got my inventive juices flowing.
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