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O Casasola 9:33pm, 8 March 2007
Ok, I believe this is close to the technique that Dave Hill and Jill Greenberg use on their photos with PhotoShop. The tutorial takes a few minutes to complete. You must start with a photo that has wrap around lighting and obvious highlights.

Make sure the levels and color are fixed on the original before you start.

Duplicate the layer on the LAYER pallette
Go to FILTER - OTHER - HIGH PASS type 4.0 for RADIUS
on the LAYERS pallette choose vivid light for the blending mode
Now flatten the image.

Second Step
Duplicate the layer on the LAYER pallette
Go to FILTER - OTHER - HIGH PASS type 6.9 for RADIUS
on the LAYERS pallette choose color for the blending mode
Set opacity to 40%
Now flatten the image.

For this step you need to do the following
DUPLICATE LAYER on layer pallette
from the top menu select LAYER - ADD LAYER MASK - HIDE ALL
using the lasso tool select only the eyes and choose SELECT - FEATHER about 6pixels
now use the brush on the tool pallette and set the brush opacity to 30% - brush over the entire image
Now FLATTEN the image

the final step is to sharpen the image.


use the following settings:
RADIUS 30.0 pixels

Most of the look is due to the multiple lights used to create highlights. To get that Shiny skin apply lotion on the person before taking the picture.

edit: This tutorial is for High Resolution images. If you are working on a low res photo you'll have to decrease the suggested amount on most of the steps.

EDIT 2 : Hi everyone. Just wanted to mention that this tutorial was created with photoshop 7 in the year 2007. A lot has changed since then including Dave Hill's technique. Thanks!

Have Fun
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jennifermckay PRO 9 years ago
does it look more or less delicious?
ddesimoni67 9 years ago
Here's my attempt with some of my old shoots



glucozze 9 years ago
this done great effect !! thank for sharin this tuto...
but does the images we have with all this layer, are printable in classic labo photo ? or does they will appear pixellized ?
glucozze 9 years ago
ps: you talk about hight res image....
does it mean medium format digital (like digital miamya or hasselblad ??)
or is it for talking about RAW ?
deporange 9 years ago
Looks like Dave Hill has locked his Behind the Scenes area from public view - when I click on the various photo shoot links, I get FORBIDDEN You don't have permission to access /behind_the_scenes/kitw_bts on this server.
O Casasola 9 years ago
He's probably updating or something. I wrote to him and we was cool about this. Said, he felt flattered.
Raj Tailor 9 years ago
Thanks for the tutorial. My first attempt.
i still cant do it, i feel like a looser....lol this pic of the guy (look up above this post) is amazing.. and the girls above that....awesome as are all the other pics in this thread... I feel like Im missing out on the fun!
i think this is where Im loosing it.. can someone maybe "expand" on this step a bit?? I know I just get confused easily and dont know all the little "terms" for PS but Im sure i can get this with just the right "nudge" lol thanks guys!

"from the top menu select LAYER - ADD LAYER MASK - HIDE ALL
using the lasso tool select only the eyes and choose SELECT - FEATHER about 6pixels
now use the brush on the tool pallette and set the brush opacity to 30% - brush over the entire image
Now FLATTEN the image"
NikonErik Posted 9 years ago. Edited by NikonErik (member) 9 years ago
"from the top menu select LAYER - ADD LAYER MASK - HIDE ALL"

This step is a quick short cut for creating a layer mask filled with Black. Think about it. . . . having this in a dropdown menu enables us to assign a keyboard shortcut to this function.

"using the lasso tool select only the eyes and choose SELECT - FEATHER about 6pixels"

Self-explanatory, right?

now use the brush on the tool pallette and set the brush opacity to 30% - brush over the entire image"

This reveals the layer except for the eyes. Keeping the selected eyes and stuff activated . . . Make sure the layer mask is selected and load up a black brush and set the opacity to 30% at the top "options bar" and paint this 30% opacity black over the whole image. You'll see. The layer mask should have blackouts where the eyes are and gray everywhere else.

Now FLATTEN the image"

This apporach ti all of this is a little different from the way I work, but I think it's very valid, and i'm glad to "get out of my box" a little.

I hope I've helped.


Here's my latest version:
cool... now my only question is "select brush from the tool pallette" which brush? the paint brush? or eraser? lol ( I feel like a moron here with these questions..seriously) I even tried this at home in my PSCS2 and couldnt do it...lol
NikonErik Posted 9 years ago. Edited by NikonErik (member) 9 years ago
The paint brush. (it's additive. You'd have to use the eraser before you flipped the mask because the eraser is really a subtractive paintbrush)

Don't feel like a moron, Photoshop is a monster! We all wondered about "which brush" at one time too!
screeminee 9 years ago
OK, I bit...

IMG_5141 copyii (Large)
pmagrawal 9 years ago
Here is my contribution to the thread
Justin Berman Photography Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Justin Berman Photography (member) 9 years ago
It actually works on photos lit low key as well.

plus you can see some awesome use of it in Dave's landscapes.
trdwijaya 9 years ago
dude... thanks.
itsxtian 9 years ago
Great tutorial and well written/easy to follow!

Thank you.
Josh Gerritsen 9 years ago
Here's my shot at it.


Samuel Webster 9 years ago
another thing about this technique - it makes noise heavier,

trying blurring the layer after you apply the high pass (or even changing the contrast properties, OR if you have the time, painting in the high pass only where you want the effect) so as not to sharpen the noise.
Ryan Brenizer PRO 9 years ago
Nice one. You can likely switch out a few of the steps with a wide USM if you're in a hurry.

Can anyone put up a photoshop action that gives me photos like Steve McCurry? I'd rather hit an F-key than have to sew film into my clothing as I sneak into Afghanistan. ;-)
carlos.benjamin 9 years ago
I am almost finished with my Steve McCurry actions. This set will be available for $79.98 (and darn well worth it too). Some people have complained that all portraits end up looking like some Afghan girl, but I don't see anything in them that would remind one of a knitted couch cover. Ridiculous complaint!
Computer Science Geek PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Computer Science Geek (member) 9 years ago
Okay, this is my first crack at it.

"365 Days Project - Day 103" by Computer Science Geek
365 Days Project - Day 103

"365.103" by Computer Science Geek
James Rubio Posted 9 years ago. Edited by James Rubio (member) 9 years ago
Thanks for the tutorial! Had a little trouble understanding the brush part though.

bev, dave hill style

bev original
keitheddleman Posted 9 years ago. Edited by keitheddleman (member) 8 years ago


Lots more "Dave Hill Technique" at my page: www.strobology.com
fphilip 9 years ago
Here's my version. Again not quite sure about the brush part but here it goes...


a quote from Hills page.. lol

"I will share photoshop secrets for $20 or a Corona.
If you mention LucisArt or HDR, though, the deal is off!"

lol at least he's got a good sense of humor.. hell, id buy him a 36 pack to know his secret!!
fphilip 9 years ago
One more....still missing the brush tool thing. I skipped the sharpening too.

Pete 379-2

RastaRicanStudio Posted 9 years ago. Edited by RastaRicanStudio (member) 9 years ago
Hey, I made several actions from this tutorial.
PaulWongPhoto 9 years ago

Hi this is my attempt but with a little more touching up. Please leave me some comments on my page.
Cool... thatnks Rastaricanstudio.. Wish I could try them now but im at work.. maybe tonight, do you have any examples done with your actions anywhere?
RSODESIGN...very nice!!!
cgarcia405 [deleted] Posted 9 years ago. Edited by cgarcia405 (member) 9 years ago
Do you know how long I have been trying to duplicate this?! I made my own version with using high pass filter and doging/burning.

After I found this post I went back to one of my images and I have created what I call a hybrid of cross process+highpass+dodge&burn+davehill look together to create the following

Oh and the photo itself was shot "A'la Strobist" style. Sb-800 camera left bounced of ceiling, nothing else.
RastaRicanStudio Posted 9 years ago. Edited by RastaRicanStudio (member) 9 years ago
I have been busy with freakin Nor' easter...can you say sump pump boys and girls?
I have not been shooting much but if anyone wants something they can lend me a photo and I can post here.
Nice, rsodesign.
The actions are a start they can customized for different photos.
I have version with less sharpen and noise.
Here is an example of the 300 style action
Stations of the Cross
I'll try and post as a before/after later today

The 300 can be used for moody photos and at the end you highlight the eyes through a hide all screen layer for the specular highlights an to enhance the iris...I another action for whitening eyes and teeth. Peace
RastaRicanStudio Posted 9 years ago. Edited by RastaRicanStudio (member) 9 years ago
@cgarcia405, nice touch with the wings.

click on the photo you want to post and then click on all sizes (5th from right) click on small or medium. Move down and you will see a box with some html in the first box copy it and paste into discussion.
click on photo
click on all sizes
small or medium
ctrl a = select all
ctrl c = copy
go to discussion and
ctrl v = paste
dylanaishiteru 9 years ago
One of the biggest thing one needs to keep in mind is the lighting used to create the picture to begin with. I am glad others are seeing what high pass filtering can do in addition to using the blending modes, hard light soft light work well, but you should adjust these filtered layers with the "blend if" option in the blending options menu. The lighting that you are seeing "when it seems that there is a hard, high detail burst of light on the subject"(kinda like what you see when you use high pass in photoshop) is a ring flash unit. It wraps around, but has a quick falloff on the edges of the subject or object. To get closer to the look, use a number of lights to bring in so much depth its almost surreal. THEN try photoshop and you'll be amazed with the results!!!
good tip!!! Dylan
RastaRicanStudio 9 years ago
Lighting of course is very important. For those you don/ have a very will lit photo, cheat. Make a copy of the channel ctrl/m for curves and lighten...ctrl/click on that channels and move to layers and add curves and adjust merge down. I know we try to get the lighting right and it is the best way to go.
I like the blend if, I didn't think to use with this. I use for the glamor stuff.
iHartPhotos.com 9 years ago
This is my own recipe, no highpass at all. When I get my ebay triggers I think I'll be able to come even closer to Daves look.

Watching 24
Michael Sarver 9 years ago
Ok, so I've had this on my mind for some time after seeing Dave Hill's Napoleon shots. Here's as close as I've gotten so far:

she owns the playground
Diluted PRO 9 years ago
I like this guy's work...

Good luck recreating it...

Warning, many of his images are NSFW.

m0hdfar1z 9 years ago
hai dude...

your tutorial is good but my result is different from others..

perhaps other people might help me with this.. really want this effect for my photos.. :(
Mei Mei Mei 9 years ago
I used a subtle version of your technique in this:

Mr Huw
bryant_sentosa 9 years ago
Here is my attempt
buckleyphotography 9 years ago
i tried as well with these For some reason i have gotten some harsh feedback on the edit. but i dont care i think i am starting to figure it out.


and the original

Josh Sommers PRO 9 years ago
Like others have said...it is close, but no cigar. In many of Dave Hill's photos there is definately an HDR & Tone Mapping element that is not covered here that would preceed the photoshop filtering.

I think it would help to really study his images and see what his images do NOT have- no halos, no harsh sharpness, no blurryness, harsh highlights, noise, over or under exposured, over or under saturated.

You have to find the right balance of everything. Simply following these steps will get you nowhere if you don't have some understanding of what exactly it is you are trying to achieve.

Consider that you'll need to work hard at it for a while until you get it right, and that along the way you might come up with your own technique and your own style instead of just wanting to emulate someone else.
fstops and shutter speeds [deleted] 9 years ago
would it be completely naive to suggest that using layer-masked noise reduction somewhere in the mix may have something to do with the look?
Well... its about time. After trying this for like 3 months I can actually add to this thread. Heres my take on a "Hellish"...umm I mean "Hillish" looking Church.

church of the wicked mind!
wow Taylor, great shots, esp the guy. so, as I did, you started with a tone mapped HDR image... How did you "capture" the images? dod you just shot one then make 3 copies or dod you have the subjects sit still for three or more captures? I have been thinking of trying this but am unsure on the process.. (its easier to shoot static subjecs as they dont move..lol)
Chris Townsend PRO 9 years ago
Taylor, not even the sky is retouched in your shots? It sure looks like some dodge/burn action in those shots you posted. Most seemingly pronounced in this one:
ahh my mistake, reading quickly it looked like you said YOU DID get those with HDR/Tone mapping..lol so its just thi lighting then? how the &*$%# does he do that??? lol
i see you have a fair amount of these in your page.... did you do ALL of them with Hills set up?
fstops and shutter speeds [deleted] 9 years ago

can you explain the lighting set up or is that being to forward?
how about if i say Please?
..Kev.. Posted 9 years ago. Edited by ..Kev.. (member) 9 years ago
Taylor... at least tell us how many lights... sounds like it is something totally beyond what most of us regular strobists would ever be able to think up... let alone copy. Any special modifiers or is it just clever placement of lights?

I checked out your stream.. nice...looks like the beauty dish gets a fair workout with these sort of shots.
fstops and shutter speeds [deleted] 9 years ago
I dunno, ive seen some people pull this technique off and most of it was in post. Part of me feels even the highest-end dslrs lack the dynamic range (in one shot) displayed in these efforts. In the one of the guy on the rock I'm baffled how the water-tower in the background and the trees next to it are the same exposure as the clouds above it? I guess those pocket wizards DO have amazing range...

someone prove me(us) wrong!
~ Aidan Dunbar [deleted] Posted 9 years ago. Edited by ~ Aidan Dunbar (member) 9 years ago
I would guess that Taylor is using a high end Nikon with one of those electronic shutter thingmajiggers, so there is a high flash sync speed to overpower the sun ambient and get the darker sky and keep the background detail.

My guess anyway...
lol... 8 strobes??? Daaaammmnnn! so it seems he (Hill) doesnt have to worry too much about any of us emulating his style any time soon!! Ha ha!
Thanks Taylor!!
Josh Sommers PRO 9 years ago
Taylor- Thanks for the insight. This is really what I suspected all along. To make sure I understand, these shots that you are showing here are completely unprocessed, and were taken on location with Dave Hill's lighting setup right?
fstops and shutter speeds [deleted] 9 years ago
so , in essence, dave compresses the all the light into the narrow latitude of a digital exposure by placing lights anywhere exposure deviates from what he's looking for? I'm imagining a ton of metering along with formulas based on ambient light levels/quality.

thanks again for entertaining us.
paolotinari 9 years ago
Yours was a nice experience. Can you tell us what was your syncyng speed?
pdemarest 9 years ago
Thanks for the tip.

This is alot of fun.

Swing ala DaveHill
K e n B r o w n PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by K e n B r o w n (member) 9 years ago
taylor, thanks for saying it's lighting. I'm looking at his photos now and can see without my "gotta be photoshopped" eyes. Looks like a ton of 3d lighting and accents in certain spots. There's still photoshop though. The Cassie for Rolling Stone/Chevy Calender photo is a composite. And that background did not look like that straight out of camera without something done to it. There's a few others (mostly just background changes) but I can definitely see how the others can look like that without any ps. He's got his behind the scenes photos and some of them have his light setup showing. I'm definitely pouring over those. Thanks again. I have much, much more respect for the guy rather than thinking he was just using photoshop.
K e n B r o w n PRO 9 years ago
yeah it does. Well put: "photoshop tricks." There's not a photoshop action out there to get what he does. I see he uses the basics: sharpening and whatnot (who doesn't?) but you're right, it's not a trick. It looks like pretty simple ps work actually and the real stuff is in the lighting. I watched all his videos just now and some of his setups are actually pretty straight forward with pretty cool results. Some setups though are pretty involved like you said. He really seems to love a beauty dish and a ringflash. :) Thanks again for enabling me to look at his stuff without the "he did it in post" mindset.
Brock N. Meeks 9 years ago
I don't get the "top secret" treatment of the guy's lighting set up; as if he throws up a security perimeter around his shoots and makes everyone sign a non-disclosure agreement. Absurd.
K e n B r o w n PRO 9 years ago
He has a behind the scenes section on his site with photos and videos of his shoots. You can pretty much see how he lit his photos with those videos/photos and the shots themselves. It's not really top secret and people are around the set too. I get what you're saying though. I think the question of how he sets up his lighting is like asking what f-stop and shutter speed you shot a photo at.
Chris McDuffie Photography [deleted] 9 years ago
My humble first attempt

Dave Hill Nessa
..Kev.. 9 years ago
Thanks for the comments Taylor. very cool to hear your experiences.

I've checked out your HDR stuff... you know what you're doing, so I trust you as a good source when you say Dave Hill does not do HDR.

SO curious about those lights now... one day all will be revealed. Good to know that hard work and excellent skills are still a recipe for success. Respect to Dave Hill.
my question is, How did you even get "in" with him? was it some school thing or was it more like at a Photo clinic thing? Like we used to do with different pro drummers, you go there, see em play live, they show you little tricks and then answere questions..all while pitching some equipment for their sponsers.
iHartPhotos.com Posted 9 years ago. Edited by iHartPhotos.com (member) 9 years ago
I, for one, have really appreciated your input Taylor.

You may not be divulging all his secrets but by telling us what its 'not' you are narrowing down what it 'is'. Its also inspiring me to increase my lighting game.
fstops and shutter speeds [deleted] 9 years ago
I think we have our next strobist challenge, lol

For real though, I'm going to rent a few extra lights and try some stuff based on everything discussed here. The goal : Hill-like or Hill-inspired images with emphasis on the lighting instead of the post.

any takers?
fstops and shutter speeds [deleted] 9 years ago
hahaha, no fair
Post a single setup shot and I'm a believer. He's using White lightning 1600s you say?
Josh Sommers PRO 9 years ago
Taylor, for what it is worth, I respect your decision not to share what you know about Dave's lighting setup. If he is a friend of yours that would be betraying his trust in you, and even if you are not a friend, it could jeopardize your ability to ever get to shoot with him again, so I respect that. Yes this group is about sharing, but it is more about sharing your OWN lighting setups, which are your OWN intellectual property. If Dave wants us to know how he does what he does, then he can come here and post (he does have a flickr account you know... :) ).

Aside from that, you have shared an important piece of information which is that it is done with lighting. That is enough for most of us to go on. I personally would rather figure it out myself and come up with the "Josh Sommers Look" rather than trying to achieve the "Dave Hill Look" if you know what I mean. Also it wouldn't be much fun if you gave us all the answer. Many people in this group rely too heavily on others telling them how to do it and so they don't understand why they are doing what they are doing. Better in some cases to give a hint and let us go from there- which you did.

My last point is that every last person in this group could be given step by step instructions on how to light a scene like Hill does and only a small percentage of them would be able to produce shots that approach his quality. Try to remember that talent has a lot to do with it. If I am a talented oil painter I can tell you how I do what I do, but it doesn't mean you will suddenly have my talent. He is clearly a very talented lighting designer, photographer AND post processor. Simply sharing one part of his technique will not enlighten us all, and it will never take away from his value. He is too well established. Even if tomorrow I can reproduce his shots to a T, it doesn't mean that I'll be shooting any celebrities anytime soon. And, even if by some stroke of luck I am in that position, I won't be taking work away from Hill. If you take a look at Fox Creative, many of the folks that Hill has shot have been shot by their other photogs as well, within the same agency.

Taylor, I would be interested to know though how did you come to be with Hill on that shoot? Is he a friend?
K e n B r o w n PRO 9 years ago
marin, those photos/videos show some are white lightnings, some aren't. I forget which video had it (I think the guys running on the racetrack) but you can hear what sounds like 10 or 12 ready beeps going off after a shot. That's a lot of light.

taylor, I wouldn't say all his setup photos hide his lighting
Here's the setup shot for the guy and his truck. The guy looks pretty much the same in the final product except for the pose. Can't see if there's anything near the camera but one can guess. I do like how the car is different.

yeah, his setup shots and videos aren't detailed accounts to how he shoots each shot but it's light. It's still governed by physics and thus can be somewhat reverse engineered. Can't wait to see a setup shot though. That's awesome you got to shoot so many too.
K e n B r o w n PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by K e n B r o w n (member) 9 years ago
just read what pisco wrote. well said. I agree too. And the bit about being told how he lit as well. I said you can reverse engineer but yeah, doesn't mean I could get the same quality :)
Michael Sarver 9 years ago
Well said Pisco...
iHartPhotos.com 9 years ago
rawcapture -

Count me in on the challenge!
paolotinari Posted 9 years ago. Edited by paolotinari (member) 9 years ago
Taylor? Taylor.... forget about it
guphoto.co.uk 9 years ago
awesome tutorial, having a go now :D
Ranger Gav 9 years ago
Thanks heaps for this little tutorial :) I'll definitely be trying out this technique on a few photos in the future... even if only for fun.
It's obvious from some of the photos that the lighting is pretty important to get the look right. Also I'd say the the less noise in the original the better to really show off the style!
i dont mind at all if Taylor wont share DH's secrets... why would I? i mean, I asked, was told he couldnt and its forgotten... I will say this though..

I will keep trying to learn this technique, even though it wont do me a bit of good, i will try and come close to it because I think its makes for some seriously awesome Photos.. I will contine to be a big Dave Hill fan and will enjoy his photos as I do now. Thanks Taylor.
Candle.Stick Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Candle.Stick (member) 9 years ago
Here is my try at it.... I like how it turned out.


David Hill Try Before


David Hill Try After
hyperlightphoto 9 years ago
trying the technique on a nature photo.



Rui M Leal 9 years ago
Great technique.
Anyone tried to create an action with this and share it with us?

Regards to all and keep up the good work

Francesco Gallarotti 9 years ago
PiscoBandito: you are right on one thing, when you say that even if we saw the setup we would not probably be able to replicate it and get the same "look" on a even just slightly different scene. But it is by seeing the master that the artist have always learned their art.
And you are also right about the fact that everyone needs to find their own look but had you read carefully the strobist you would have found a page in which Dave summarizes 7 phases in the evolution of the photographers... if I don't recall wrong (I don't seem to be able to find that page in my bookmarks at this moment) it was said that the phase of achieving one owns's style can be skipped but certainly came after learning all the tricks... and this means also trying to imitate other photographer's look (read: work)
My 2 cents in this interesting conversation
Sean McCormack Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Sean McCormack (moderator) 9 years ago
I've been trying to achieve this in Lightroom as a Preset.
I've done 3 versions and the difference is just to compensate for intial exposure level. All opinions greatly received.
A few people don't like the saturation in this look
(it's not actually created with saturation though), but it is intentional.
Oriental Woods.jpg
Josh Sommers PRO 9 years ago
Sean, it isn't a bad look, but it doesn't really resemble the look we are talking about in this thread IMHO, mostly due to the saturation and blown highlights. Just my two cents.

@GreenteaPhoto- I agree with you. Learning by example and imitation are completely acceptable. But if the artists doesn't reveal his secrets, or his techniques, that is his perogative. Primarily I was trying to defend Taylor because I do not think he is obiligated to leak Dave Hill's technique. Like I said before, if Dave wants to share, he will, and we will all benefit from that, but I don't hold it against him if he doesn't. At the same time I was also trying to make the point that even if Hill does share it is not going to devalue his work.
Sean McCormack 9 years ago
Pisco :(
That was the whole point of doing the image that way. Back to the drawing board
Dougr51 9 years ago
Well, here goes. First time to post pictures and first attempt on the tutorial above. Kinda like the effect.


tjhole [deleted] Posted 9 years ago. Edited by tjhole (member) 9 years ago
Love this.

Creative Lighting Techniques 2

Everything this filter touches (well i set it up as an action) turns to photo gold.

Havn't upload all my attempts, but more will appear doubtlessly in the next few weeks on my stream.

Thanks for this tutorial.
Francesco Gallarotti 9 years ago
Can u share the action Tom?
fstops and shutter speeds [deleted] 9 years ago
here's a try in post, havent gotten all the lights together to try a real-deal attempt, it's admittedly rough but hey, Im no dave hill...:

homeless ronnie
strobe_flash 9 years ago
Whadaya mean rough? I think that's a stunner
tjhole [deleted] 9 years ago
Attempt Number two

Miss York 2006 Blossom 1 cr Tom Hole.jpg
Creative Lighting: In the style of "David Hill"; Sky
Dougr51 Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Dougr51 (member) 9 years ago
Here is one more that I did using a macro shot.

Taken with Canon 20D, Canon 100mm 1:2.8 Macro, ISO 400 f/32 1/30. Post process with PS using "Hill" action. 580ex at 1/64 snooted camera lower right. Flower on plant outside. Wind didn't help much!
Rui M Leal 9 years ago
Hey got the action if anyone wants it let me know and I'll send it to you guys.
This is simply impressive. Great Job.

RastaRicanStudio 9 years ago
I posted an action based on this tut a while back. The action is not for every type of photo. I see it used for babies and such not it's intent. I see it for edgy look to model shoot or character portrait.
I offer the action free and have set up a flickr group to show everyones use of my actions. I know about the mega lights and I can't afford one AB let alone a hoard. Peace/Paz
DanielKPhoto 9 years ago
Just catching up on this thread.

Does anyone else think it odd that taylorchristianjones would be so adamant about keeping one photographer's process secret (even though video of it is on the internet) while at the same time publish another photographer's private correspondence without a second thought?

Did I say 'odd'? I think I meant another word.

I do.
iHartPhotos.com Posted 9 years ago. Edited by iHartPhotos.com (member) 9 years ago
I don't.
Some pro trusts you to keep his secrets... keep 'em.
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