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Ol' Wizard ADMIN July 5, 2014

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Group Description

This group is about people with stunningly beautiful features. There are many beautiful people in this world, but few can be called truly striking. This beauty actually transcends physical attractiveness. But attracts on a psychic level as well. I am sorry to confine this pool to the female gender only. This is to maintain the focus of the group.

No revealing nudity or similarly provocative content is permitted on this site, as images of children are sometimes submitted. While some of the women here may be nude, there is nothing revealing in these images, with only the face and neck as evident.

The focus is on natural beauty, rather than model or stylized types of portraits, although I do accept the latter as well. Images of natural beauty among varied cultures and races are encouraged. I welcome submissions, but please note that nothing short of striking will suffice.

Finally, I understand that beauty is a somewhat subjective concept, but there have been studies that suggest there are universal standards of beauty across cultures and races. I hope this pool approaches such standards.

Later Notes: After running this group for several months, and having to filter submissions from people, I want to reiterate that if the women in the submissions are not strikingly beautiful, they don't belong in this pool. Also, the face must be prominent. If they are too far away to see well, they won't be included. Please take a look at the pool to understand what I consider a reasonable prominence for the face.

More suggestions: Their face should not be too blocked by anything (such as by a hand), the image should have good lighting (for example not too faded or dark), their expression should not be exaggerated or distorted, and finally, the image itself should display technical competence on the part of the photographer. All of this is done to maintain the quality of the pool.

Despite all, I welcome submissions, but please exercise a discriminating eye.

Thank you to "maatpeople" for permission to use the image for the group icon. You can find it at:

Thank you to "lionel bodilis" for permission to use the image for the comment & invite banners. You can find it at:

Please comment on one or more images you see in this pool. Comments are not obligatory, but they are very appreciated by members, and they do increase the visibility of this group! Comment on as many images as you like, and as far into the pool as you wish!

COMMENT Code: (for images already on display)
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<a href=""> <img src="" width="427" height="150"/> </a>
<b>Seen In: </b> <a href="">Striking Beauty</a>

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It Looks Like This:

yyBeauty copy
Seen In: Striking Beauty


Please feel free to invite images to this pool. But keep in mind that this group only accepts the highest standards in beauty. I am very picky about submissions. I am not saying this to dissuade you but rather to urge you to use a most discriminating eye! It is a good idea to browse this pool before sending out invites.

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<a href=""> <img src="" width="427" height="150" /> </a>
<b>You are invited to submit your great image to: </b> <a href="">Striking Beauty</a>

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It Looks Like This:

You are invited to submit your great image to: Striking Beauty


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