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Interview with a Street Photographer - Oct 28, 2011

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Interview with a Street Photographer - October 28, 2011
by Streets in Colo(u)r.

This week's interview is with Annette Soelter, from Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Here is the link to the interviews we have so far.

What do you like the most in street photography?
Certainly its authenticity. I am probably not a classical street photographer longing for the “magic moment” in everyday life. However, it is essential for my photography that the images are “true”. Even though it might look like that – none of my recent pictures is digitally recomposed, double exposed or otherwise re-arranged. They show “one to one” what I have seen.

What do you look for in your potential image?
I am always looking for visual complexity trying to use of all kind of reflections and light distortions through mirrors and windows. Somehow, it became a bit like an obsession. And somehow it corresponds to the complexity of life and human perception.

Film or digital?
I have no serious experience with film. And I am one hundred percent fine with digital.

tel aviv

What tools do you primarily use?
My camera of choice is the Leica M9. I like the simplicity of the rangefinder system. And when it comes to prints you find out that the file quality of the M9 is superb.

Wide or long lens?
Clearly wide angle. I currently use only one lens - the Leica Summarit-M-35 (f2.5). This sometimes underrated lens is perfect for people like me who anyhow prefer to shoot at f8. Although. the Summilux 35mm is tempting!

Do you get the chance to build a rapport with the subjects?
Actually, I really do avoid it. As soon as people recognize that they are photographed, it is over…

Have you have ever been harassed by the authorities for photographing in public?
No, fortunately not.

Have your photography subjects ever objected you from taking their photographs?
Sometimes that happens. However, since I often make use of mirrors and window reflections, people mostly do not realise that they are photographed. A nice advantage of this kind of style: It is less obtrusive.

tel aviv

Are you an in-camera cropper or do you prefer to do that in your darkroom or your computer?
I do not crop heavily. I only do some slight adjustments in the computer. What I use however quite extensively, is the lens correction function in Lightroom. I do like parallels a lot!

Black and white or color? And why?

More and more color. Black and white very often gives a very nostalgic feel. To me it stands for the photography of the 20th century. Color, however, is contemporary.

Do you extensively or minimally work with the post-processing software or in the darkroom?
I do play around with colors and white balance. The rest I would say is usual post-processing. I only use Lightroom and to a very limited extend, Capture One. No Photoshop.

What is your preferred time to shoot?

The late afternoon. The perfect months are September and October.

Whose kind of work inspires you?
Gursky, Wall, Webb…

If possible, link us to the first image, image series or a website that inspired you to take photography beyond a passing interest.

One is Jeff Walls Barcelona Pavilion image “Morning cleaning”.

This year I did my own interpretation of the pavilion…

Show us some of your favorite images that you think represent you.

tel aviv




Annette Soelter's Links:

Website: www.annettesoelter.com/
Flickr Profile: www.flickr.com/people/annette_soelter/
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