Darran K Roper 9:04pm, 11 May 2016
My name is Skyid, originally from southwest China, and I now live in Vancouver, BC. I started street photography in 2014 as a hobby.

I see street photography as art, an unique way of seeing and observation. More importantly, it's a unique style of making image. I really enjoy collecting spontaneous moments in normal everyday life to create mysteries. Mystery in an urban context plays an important role in my street photography.

Image #1
I was photographing people watching whales from the ferry deck, and I was excited to have so many people gathering on the deck, i am always into photographing people, so i just kept shooting, trying to figure out the light, angle and composition stuff like that. I have got some interesting silhouettes already, and the light is dying but i decided to walk around and see if there was anything interesting happening. People started leaving the deck, but a few were staying to try their luck.

Untitled. Vancouver, BC. 2015

I am so happy i stayed and maybe I was the lucky one. I kinda love the way the subject was buried in the shade except her left arm. I was thinking to adjust the contrast to make the arm stand out. But i was not 100% sure it would work out. I went to my wife and showed her some photos i took on the deck, but she didn't seem interested.

Image #2
I was taking my two little girls to science world, and had been shooting their picture for a while. It's alway fun to put "science" and "children" together, they were energetic and full of curiosity, running around and trying different things. I knew there were something interesting gonna happen, so i always have my GR ready and keep my eyes open. It was a busy and handful afternoon, I was trying to keep an eye on my two littles while looking for something interesting happening around me.

Science World. Vancouver, BC 2015

I love the idea of altered status, distortions and juxtapositions in street photography, it's like magic. After i took the shot and reviewed it, I got excited, this is the exact shot I am looking for! Mystery in science world! I continued to look for similar scenes and took a few shots (unfortunately none of them worked out). I even had an idea to make a plan to do a long-term project in science world.

Image #3
On our way back from a park picnic in eastern part of BC, we stopped at a farm store to buy some corn, light was perfect around that time. The farm is a popular spot for families with kids during summer times, I could see kids with balloons playing around while parents were busy with shopping. I love balloons too, especially there was a colourful background with interesting light and shadow.

Untitled. Chilliwack, BC. 2015

We stopped at the farm for about 10 minutes, then hit the road again. I don't even remember the farm's name. I love photographing random moments, but i always wanted to "organise" my shots, trying to put interesting elements in right place, i know it's hard, but every time I keep trying. In most cases, good shot came as surprise. I did “work the scene” for this balloon shot, but didn't realize I got an interesting one until the next day when reviewing it on my computer.

Untitled. Seattle, WA. 2015

Untitled. Burnaby, BC. 2015

Untitled. Vancouver, BC. 2015

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Great :-)
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Really interesting indeed :)
Great Choice of Exposure.
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