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Tate Gallery 5:50pm, 18 August 2008
Dear all

Thanks for your patience.

We are very pleased to announce the 100 photographs selected by the judges:

"Pfft...Your preaching to the choir sister..."

sweet distin
.When I'm looking in my mirror at home, I don't think I'm so bad.

Bascule the Teller

Brunoo =D
•A Inocência de uma Criança• The innocence of a child

2 girls in Hulme UK

ciarlicappa [euei]
252606 ve 027

© Maciej Dakowicz
a lollipop - Cardiff


Artist's Studio (colour)

Will Gortoa
At the Zoo

Justin Cormack
Barnet (gazing)

Lauren Sargent


berlin girl

Betty Horse 2

Jonathan Taylor Photography
Birth 01


"Briony And Rosie, Hyde Park"

British Girls on the Bowery

Butcher Boy




James Gifford-Mead

Dagenstan women's hospital 3

Snap Snap Grin Grin
Deno's Freefall

End of Shift


© Maciej Dakowicz
frozen music - Cardiff

Captain Cupcake
Ghost Trio

happy couple 2

Havana - Flower Vendor

High Society

Hijos de Morazán

I Remember Everything





It was autumn time and thickly fell the leaves

Japanese High School Boys

"jess, jake and ade jump in redcar"

Alexandre Severo
João do Morro

jot 4 BW

Lawyer - circa 2008


Phil Dobinson

pedra silvo !
me and my wife


mybluemuse aka PJ Taylor
My Three Nuns (Redux)



Never Fall Asleep…


Jenna Hanks
out the studio

Simon J Johansson
Paris artist 1

jean penders
"Paris, France 1977"



JM Alkmim

Rider Down

San Fransisco



Elizabeth K
Self-portrait walking home

Grace Christy

Mr Karanka
Sometime in January - Cardiff

James Gifford-Mead
South America

Southbank bookmarket

Stormy weather at New Brighton

Street 2

strike a pose

Summer Solstice 2008

Summer Thirst

Sunday | 10:52:31 AM

the pizzafellas


Mary Hockenbery (reddirtrose)

3 on a meathook
Thames pathway

Thamesmead Carnival 28-8-86 #001

The Beautiful Game - Soweto

The Chair - Self Portrait

Three Nonchalant Men

Trapecista con mono

Turning The Corner

Typically elusive


Franco GDL-MRL



sakura love (away )







Nim Yan Chan
Untitled No.2

Jeremy Vickers Photography
Walking Home

Jonathan Taylor Photography
Ya Ba 005

If your photograph has been selected, we will contact you shortly asking how you would like to be credited and requesting a high-resolution file for print.

Congratulations to the photographers of the final 100 photographs and a huge thank you to everyone who took park.

(1 to 100 of 161 replies)
Moochin Photoman 8 years ago
Well done.......must have been a massive job to edit and collate.
congrats everyone!!! a good showing.
sweet distin PRO 8 years ago
oooh, big smile, thank you very much :)
and congratulations to everybody!!
David Quigg 8 years ago
Congratulations to everyone. Especially here at the end during the long wait, it's been a thrill to share this experience with so many interesting people around the world.

Special gratitude for the photographers who passed the last few days by contributing new work to the Flickr group TateWait2008:














Meanwhile, my wish for the winners: Don't start skewing your work toward seeking out images like the ones the judges happened to like in this competition. Trust your eye. Follow your vision. That, I suspect, is what led you to create these wonderful photos in the first place.

A thought for the rest of us from page 88 of Steven Pressfield's strange, useful book called "The War of Art":

"The professional loves her work. She is invested in it wholeheartedly. But she does not forget that the work is not her. Her artistic self contains many works and many performances. Already the next is percolating inside her. The next will be better, and the one after that better still.

"The professional self-validates. She is tough-minded. In the face of indifference or adulation, she assesses her stuff coldly and objectively. Where it fell short, she'll improve it. Where it triumphed, she'll make it better still. She'll work harder. She'll be back tomorrow."

Be back tomorrow.
StudioCB 8 years ago
Well done to the 100 winners. Well done for all the entries. For me it was, excitement followed by an anti-climax .
Stephen Sandoval PRO 8 years ago
congratulations everyone!
zvileve PRO 8 years ago
Wow - such impressive choices! I do not recall noticing many of these pictures when I looked through the group pool quickly. Perhaps that explains why it was so time-consuming to choose - one really needs to look closely at each individual image.

Well done to everyone and congrats to the winners!
Thank you TATE - a great showing and congratulations to everyone!!!
Trish Mayo PRO 8 years ago
Thank you Tate! It's an honor to have my photo selected. Congratulations everyone.
kelly hill 8 years ago
thank you for including my image in your selection .... great to be involved ... a nail biting finish! x
H13200 [deleted] 8 years ago
Thank you Tate! It was a long wait, but well worth it.
mongrelnomad PRO 8 years ago
Some really aren't my cup of tea, but I can see the special quality in each and every one. Well done to all the winners, and to the judges for a great choice.
robholland PRO 8 years ago
Wonderful, edgy selection. Congratulations to the winners, and the judges.
wraggy 8 years ago
Nice work everyone, Ultimate winner for me is the first one in this list...
Ian Bradley 8 years ago
congratulations to everyone who submitted, this last week or so has been exciting to see who would be in the 100 list. i agree with a lot of the chosen 100 list but i have also seen some amazing shots from the people who weren't chosen for the list.
aside from the 100 images for the book will they be exhibited at the tate at a later date ??
andysuggett 8 years ago
Woohoo! Well done everyone...
Chuffed to bits
Congratulations Tate 100 - great pictures.
Eric Hands PRO 8 years ago
Good stuff...congratulations !
Dogtired aka 8 years ago
Congratulations to the 100.

All are not my cup of tea, but then it's subjective.
Tiago Cabral 8 years ago
Amazing shots.
Thanks Tate for the experience.
millsandbaboon 8 years ago
Well done to all the selected entrants, there is some superb work represented here.

I have one frustration (and hope I don't come across as a sore loser here). I viewed around 20 of the successful entrants and everyone seems to have more work uploaded than just the Street Or Studio entries. No problem with that of course, but there has been some concern in the forum that if you joined Flickr in order to enter the competition that your images would not be viewable in the Street Or Studio pool (and so seen by the judges) as Flickr doesn't make your profile public immediately. Certainly, I could not find my own entries when viewing the pool on my work PC. If this is the case, then I do think it is a travesty to those who joined Flickr and entered in good faith (and yes, I'm one of them).

Nonetheless, I don't want this to sound like sour grapes. These are 100 excellent winners. Enjoy the book, you lucky devils.
bobby stokes 8 years ago
yeah, you sound like a sore loser
Mahmuda!! 8 years ago
Congrates every1!!!!
drrodgers2000 8 years ago
Congrats to the winners....Wonderful photos, interesting choices....Ok here comes the might sound like sour grapes part....With so many lovely photos to choose from, why would at leaast one photographer be represented twice? Seems odd....A thought.

Bravo to the winners...
6161810 PRO 8 years ago
Thank you Tate for the long, exciting journey!
Great work everyone!
Sherlock77 (James) PRO 8 years ago
Drats! I didn't win... :)

But heck, Congrats! to the 100 winners, a lot of very nice work there, I'm certain it was tough to choose...
PJ Taylor Photo 8 years ago
Congrats to everyone who made it! There were so many excellent entries it's a thrill it is to be included! I was just in London and had a chance to see the Street or Photography exhibition and it was amazing!
mandy.lynn115 8 years ago
Congrats to all the winners!!

I'm fairly excited that in my own selection of favorites that I picked two of those who won. You all did a great job and I hope you enjoy the book.

An observation is that a certain (unnamed) photographer had two photos selected. Congrats for that. However, that same photographer had three photos entered. How was that handled? When the rules said you can only have two photos in the pool...
dameskates [deleted] 8 years ago
gutted for me
welldone all those not chosen, as well, i agree with dog tired, my only rated three as shown scary cow betty horse /south america james gifferd mead / three nuns pj taylor has any one got the time and patience to do a group on this incorperating tate wait photos over period say 4 weeks an list up who we hit on and submitt results top 5 most viewd eh...excluding the submitter [can this be done] umm advice as to how ?? flicker might have know how . just an intresting idia id dig to know how we would rate the submisions ,three thousand judges cant be bad.
mbtphoto (away a lot) 8 years ago
Thanks for all the hard work put into judging this massive undertaking. Good solid choices and just the experience of looking at all the submissions was very educational for me! Thanks for the opportunity.
(deaf mute) 8 years ago
I'm rather surprised at how many are relatively formal portraits with very little "street" in them, but I'm not complaining.
This is a great selection. I wasn't surprised to see I didn't make the shortlist (and I don't see any by some of my best contacts) but it looks like I'll be finding some great new ones.

doustpauline Three thousand judges would be awful. The more judges there are, the blander the results. If the Tate really dumbed down, it wouldn't be worth visiting.
Chandler Moulton 8 years ago
Good gosh I can't believe it. Thanks Tate and congrats to all the other selectees and to everybody who shoots the world in a good way.
Paul Chandler Moulton
allow me to to clarify as seemingly not understood , [in fact it could already be in the makeing as someone just opend a group re the none winners] surley you know of the ,how many hits a /[your] /photos recive even just on your own page??how much better in a group to see out of US who rates what an why/ basic stuff requireing some tec.
Thank you so much for including me and congrats to all
jancp 8 years ago
Everybody has amazing talent! Congratulations to the chosen 100, and for the rest of the contestants too!
Eva Uviedo 8 years ago
Thank you! It's a big honor to have my photo selected. Congrats to all!
richsmarshall 8 years ago
Tate, you took your time over it but the top 100 look great here! Congratulations to the winners.
Antοnis 8 years ago
Thanks for the choice! Congrats to all participants, there were some great photos in this group.
0sT9y 8 years ago
That is great news for my friend Elizabeth K !

I look forward to seeing the book.

Congrats to everyone selected.
Well, in the words of one of my favourite new Elbow songs... Holy Cow! : D

I found out this morning - on this dull, drizzly, miserable English summer's day - when a couple of congratulatory comments had appeared on the selected image overnight. It may well be miserable outside, but it's suddenly sunny inside! So chuffed. : )

Well done to all those selected, and many commiserations to those who didn't get selected - particularly given that I can recall so many potential worthy winners on a relatively quick look through a couple of weeks ago that don't appear here.
ACoolDryPlace Posted 8 years ago. Edited by ACoolDryPlace (member) 8 years ago
Congratulations to the winners.

I think it is a shame that the studio part of the comp wasn't particularly well reflected in the results ( about 6/100 ), but perhaps that is proportionate to the number submitted.

ah well.

-Loser :-(
Incessant Flux PRO 8 years ago
Well done everybody
KTD London Posted 8 years ago. Edited by KTD London (member) 8 years ago
Well done everybody!

Special congrats to both Jonathan Taylor and Tina Gao - I notice that BOTH your submissions made it. Truly stunning shots guys...!!
∗gone 8 years ago
Congrats all! An excellent 100 - well deserved.
Moochin Photoman 8 years ago
also Maciej dakowicz had two in

Having looked through the winners again i would question a few as they seem (to me at least) more street scenes rather than portraits but the choice has been made so thats that.
The other thing i notice is that there was no time line so a photograph from 1977 made it in along with a shot from 1986, not particularly contemporary but as i said the choIces have been made.
Re reading the rules there is nothing about dates so it was open to interpretation...just shows ya
NicolaMucelli Posted 8 years ago. Edited by NicolaMucelli (member) 8 years ago
Congrats to the winners ... but more to those who didn't win...althought not in a book, our is art anyway!!! ; )
alt.tom PRO 8 years ago
Congratulations to the winners and to everyone who entered. Maybe I learned a bit about curating - which is useful.
NickIsConfused 8 years ago
Thankyou to the Tate.
I feel very flattered to be selected from such a fantastic pool.
Lauren Sargent [deleted] 8 years ago
oh my! I cannot stop shaking! Thanks so much Tate, and well done to everyone else who was chosen. There was some absolutely awesome work in this group, and not all of it made the final 100, but well done everyone x
TeamBolfi 8 years ago
Balls. Errr, well done.
nikrick90 8 years ago
Congratulations to all those who won and better luck next time to all the rest
BigFuzzy PRO 8 years ago
Wow.. great collection of photos.. to be honest, I only saw two that I didn't like.. and who am I anyway?!? haha.. congrats to all!
The Righteous Path 8 years ago
I didn't enter this contest, but I watched it through a friend's account. I must say it has been interesting viewing!

I know that everyone is trying to be politically correct, so I will say what many are thinking.

From what I can see from the final choices, overall some of the losers should be highly offended that some of these images were chosen over theirs and some of the winners should be disappointed that their work will appear in the same book as some very mediocre work.

The curating is very uneven, and many of the photographs look like stock photography. It seems that The Tate should have warned some of you more serious photographers that they would be making some selections that were purposely dumbed down.

Also noticed some funny biases: 1) images of white women in their twenties acting a little flippant seem to be over-represented. (Juergen Teller's doing?) 2) Black people are doing all the things we 'expect' of them: playing sports, being poor, looking sad or acting like they are in a rap video. 3) Street people, meaning the down and out variety, make great fodder for photo contests. Such pluck, such grittiness! A Big laugh.

I could go on, but I won't. I urge all of you good photographers to stay away from these contests. They are silly, they make you look like amateurs and they do nothing to advance your art. (And there are some artists among the losers and winners.) Get off of your arses and find real exposure for your work.

There, the bomb has been dropped.
Jack Simon PRO 8 years ago
Congrats to all. I am very excited for being selected and happy to have my photo be in such good company.
sweet distin PRO 8 years ago
kelly hill 8 years ago
i think it is a shame that you cannot say who you are while you take aim and fire at an open competition where judges and competitors freely give their identities. What you have to say sounds rather like sour grapes ... if you can't stand by what you say - which is what the judges are doing ... your opinion is worthless!
roberto_berna PRO 8 years ago
Congrats to the winners ad to Tate for such a nice gallery :( loser
The Righteous Path 8 years ago
Kelly Hill: I am not anonymous. I just haven't posted material yet. Not hiding. Stay tuned. And by the way it is interesting that I have already gotten thank you notes in my mailbox. Some of the choices here are so crappy that defy reason. That opinion needs a voice.
The Righteous Path 8 years ago
And btw Kelly. Your 'Girl Kissing Window" photo is a much more interesting photo than your photo that won. Good work.
sweet distin PRO 8 years ago
Perhaps posting your name in your profile would be a good start?
The Righteous Path 8 years ago
Hush Distin. You're actually one of the better photographers selected. This salvo is aimed at the really bad and really obvious to the point of bad photos...
Eric Hands PRO 8 years ago
There are 15 shots included in the selections that I don't rate much. Given that I'm an old fart, does this actually mean that the choices were, in fact, rather conservative - should there have been more ' I don't believe it ' selections ?
sweet distin PRO 8 years ago
regardless of your opinion, i think it's polite to be forthcoming with your name........it's very easy to criticize on the internet without taking responsibility for your words.

as far as i can see the tate has tried to give a mix of pictures, a sample of what typically gets taken, how portraiture is represented today.

nobody here is going to like or appreciate every one of those chosen, and each of us would make different choices had we been the judge but that's not to say it's a bad selection.

i entered because i wanted to be part of it, not because i think it's going to enhance my 'career'. i'm an amateur and proud mine was chosen, and i'm happy to have mine next to any of the 100.
The Righteous Path 8 years ago
Yes, however some of the photos are just really bad. And having read the announcement for the show, I didn't see where it said that bad photos would be accepted because the average person takes bad photos. Doesn't make sense to me. I think that many good photographers were duped by the Tate into submitting excellent photos to a contest in which the judges seem to have aimed at mediocrity. People signed away rights, provided content for the Tate's website, etc.
kelly hill 8 years ago
dear righteous path
all curated shows are open to comment and opinion - i am not against criticism - it is healthy and democratic. However most critics are happy to put a byline to their opinions and stand by what they say. I think the TATE have initiated something that is wonderfully democratic and I am very happy to be a part of the game.
please let us know who you are .....
The Righteous Path 8 years ago
If I told you my name, would it make a difference? I could give any number of names/identities. It's the internet, deal with it. I will say that I have been shooting for 20 years and I am the mentor of one of the losing photographers, whom I told not to enter this contest in the first place, particulary because Teller (one of the judges) is an awful photographer whose trashy aesthetic is written on a lot of the choices here and also when you take your craft seriously you cannot afford to have it seen in the same context as bad work. Were I in this book, there are pictures here I would be upset to have my photos place on the facing page. My opinion shouldn't matter but i have obviously struck a chord. The love-in is over. Time to talk about what is happening to art when beautiful image are suppressed and a rehashing of certain images and social norms is put in front of us yet again. I for one will not applaud.
kelly hill 8 years ago
sour grapes indeed!
The tamed shrew PRO 8 years ago
I hope you think you have gained something if you have been 'chosen'. If you have doubts, perhaps you will, in time, come to realise that The Righteous Path just might be telling the truth.
Start by thinking about what is Street Photography?
End by taking photographs...
Hughes Léglise-Bataille Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Hughes Léglise-Bataille (member) 8 years ago
Since when a contest is "democratic" ?! Some of the shots are great, others just don't belong (and many left aside are way better). It's ironic for instance that a shot chosen as "pic of the month" by the in-public.com, one of the best street photography website, didn't make it...
David Quigg 8 years ago
The logic of "The Righteous Path" (Comedy Edition):

Henri Cartier-Bresson, Edward Weston, and a stock photographer walk into a bar. They sit down and order beers. The bartender looks them over. He shakes his head.

"But," says Weston. "We've been coming here for years."

The bartender crosses his arms.

"We are great photographers," Cartier-Bresson protests. "We are entitled to respect. We are entitled to a simple drink at a bar."

"No! You have come in here with THIS man," the bartender says, jabbing a finger toward the stock photographer. "You have diminished yourselves by sitting down with him. You were great once. Legendary even. But no more. You should not have been seen with this hack. NOW GET OUT!!!"
The Righteous Path 8 years ago
Funny D.Q. except that there are no Bressons et al. represented in the flickr group. All at best early career, maybe mid.....so the joke doesn't quite carry water or make sense.....Leaving that behind for a second. I am sure that most of us would agree on the very bad photos. It's no mystery....
daveotuttle 8 years ago
Righteous Path -

your protege didn't make it into a contest you didn't want them to enter into anyway...

halck PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by halck (member) 8 years ago
Going through the comments from top, I though this was going to turn into a self-congratulary love-in. Art is ignited by passion, be it through love or fury; this competion has clearly ingited euphoria and indignation. Good. Long may it continue. The Righteous Path should not have to justify his view based on his skill as a photographer, nor should his opinion be discarded as sour grapes.
kelly hill 8 years ago
The term flâneur (or jetter) comes from the French verb flâner, which means "to stroll". A flâneur is thus a person who walks the city in order to experience it. Because of the term's usage and theorization by Charles Baudelaire and numerous thinkers in economic, cultural, literary and historical fields, the idea of the flâneur has accumulated significant meaning as a referent for understanding urban phenomena and modernity
Are you sure you're not The Self-Righteous Path? ; )

Your opinion shouldn't matter but you obviously struck a chord?! Somehow I think you knew you wouldn't have been ignored. And, had you been ignored, I'm fairly confident that may've upset you even more than some of the selections. ; )

I feel your comments are a little harsh and churlish in fairly equal measure. The reality was always likely to have been a result like this... And when I say that, what I mean is, I fully expected to be surprised by some of the selected images, and there are certainly a handful that do virtually nothing for me - personally. However, judging photography is often such a subjective process, it really is inevitably a case of 'One man's meat is another man's poison'.

Looking at the results, I'm fairly sure of one thing... that The Tate [and its judges] have seemingly gone for a broad brush of work - and I applaud them for that; even if there were many other images that I would've personally chosen over others.

Besides... The Tate and no controversy. That wouldn't do at all!
sweet distin PRO 8 years ago
well i'm genuinely suprised by the responses here.
yes, everyone's entitled to their opinion, it's just that it does come across very arrogant, patronizing and bitter and I don't see that being returned by the people who were lucky enough to be selected.

i don't imagine that any of the hundred are feeling that they are better than anyone else, we happened to appeal to the judges for this book, that's all.

all art is subjective, none of us would have made the same choices.......you may consider that it was poorly judged but criticizing those that were picked is at best unhelpful and at worst unecessarily unkind.
i truly don't care what you think about my pictures but i do care that for some people this will have been something special to celebrate and you're being particularly ungracious in your comments.

there are ways of getting across your point without being quite so harsh.
Moochin Photoman 8 years ago
Theres certainly some flannel in the mix, a bit of tweed, quite alot of silk, some cotton polyester and some gingham too.
kelly hill 8 years ago
fanar fanar
Eric Hands PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Eric Hands (member) 8 years ago
yes, everyone's entitled to their opinion, it's just that it does come across very arrogant, patronizing and bitter and I don't see that being returned by the people who were lucky enough to be selected.
Of course not, I'm sure they're absolutely delighted - and who would deny them that emotion ? However, there seems to be some denial going on...do some of you walk around a gallery or an exhibition saying how wonderful everything is ? Of course you don't - and if you do then I think it's a very sad time for Art. As I said earlier, I'm personally slightly more perturbed at the relatively low (15% ) number of images that seemed un worthy of a place in the final 100.....which is probably more of a criticism of the rest as being comfortable, average and seemingly uncontroversial.
If I found only 15% of the total artwork on display at Tate Modern below par, then I would wonder if they were doing their job.
sweet distin PRO 8 years ago
do some of you walk around a gallery or an exhibition saying how wonderful everything is ?

heh, no....i usually walk round pleased if i find one or two images that move me............so what's that got to do with anything?
Moochin Photoman 8 years ago
Fair point Eric

I think around 27% of the book shots i wouldn't have selected but thats me and my selective and subjective eye.
Dr Karanka 8 years ago
Heh, I have kind of a similar opinion to TRP. The selection is quite uneven in quality, and the more studio side is underrepresented. Some of the choices seem arbitrary (although they might correspond to some hidden logic I'm unaware of). If you go through the pool of 3000 images you can see quite a few images that very well could have made it instead of some in the final selection. Like Hugo mentioned earlier, there's good material in there, and he links to an IP image submitted. I have not visited the exhibition in the Tate, but a review -in The Guardian I think it was- said that contemporary street photographers did not have much work in there, so maybe this follows that line.
I think Tate knows exactly what they're doing. I mean, noone is forcing them to publish this book... It's not like someone is pointing a gun at them.
Pickersgill Reef PRO 8 years ago
I like the fact that Tate is using flickr for this purpose. Photography is being changed by its amazing accessibility to huge numbers of people (as opposed to a relatively small group of 'artists') and the new digital means of sharing images.

I'd like to see a more radical approach to choosing the winners/curating a show tried out though as I think that has scope to move away from traditional methods too.

I find it hard to see what this selection says about contemporary Street and Studio photography and I was disappointed by the selection Tate chose for How We Are Now too.

Congratulations to the chosen images, there are some great ones there. But I think this passive way of 'waiting to be chosen' by a selected panel is an opportunity missed.
sweet distin PRO 8 years ago
how do you mean 'an opportunity missed'?
illek08 PRO 8 years ago
A good choice. Shout for Elizabeth K.
We should all do this again.
David Quigg 8 years ago
Some of these critiques have been interesting. But I think we'd all learn a great deal more if the critics took advantage of Flickr to "curate" their own shows from among the entries. "The Righteous Path," for example, has not used Flickr to select any favorites. So that's a wide-open space for putting together TRP's alternate 100. I'd be curious to see the shows that any of the critics would put together. Again, I think you can teach us more about your photographic vision by doing this than by coming on here and slamming work you deem inadequate.
saturday's child 8 years ago
I haven't read any reviews, but I've been to the exhibition a few times now. The 100 chosen here seem very much in keeping with the overall character of photography in the exhibition. It's a very large exhibition. I wonder what others who've seen it think?

Also, Juergen Teller only has 4 or 5 images in the exhibition. Neither his works nor his style seem to me to have a dominant presence. At all. Several others, contemporary and legendary have more prominent placement, more images and more overall influence, stylistically, technologically, etc.

Also, I like Quigg's suggestion to use the favorites option to 'curate' your own 100. I'm all for seeing other folks vision of what a is 'street' and what is 'studio'.
The Righteous Path Posted 8 years ago. Edited by The Righteous Path (member) 8 years ago
Ok D.Q. I will take you up on the challenge. It will take a while since I have other things to do. But I will do it.

And for the record, I am not bitter. (Actually, everything but.) I tend to think and speak very directly. Someone needed to open the door for this discussion and I did. This is much more interesting than "congrats' over and over again.

Gortoa: Thanks for taking the bait on "The self-righteous path" thing. I thought of doing it, but I figured I would allow you the honor.

Pickersgill: I agree it is wonderful that the internet has opened things up to people other than the "artists" selected by the powers that be. However, that does not justify choosing sub-par images as contest winners when presumably the call by the Tate, a reputable institution , was for good and interesting photography. Some of the choices here are nearly an affront to the many good photographers who share their work on Flickr and submitted to this pool. If this selection represents the best of the pool, then bring back the handpicked 'artists' of yesteryear.

Eric Hands: Your commentary almost has an interesting twist in it and nearly introduces a bit of anarchy to the fray, however not liking something because it somehow over or underwhelms you with its otherness is very different than not liking something because it is just plain bad, uninspired, bland or mediocre. We all know the difference. I like to at least be intimidated by the things I don't like or understand.....

Also interesting that no one has defended Teller as photographer worthy of judging your work.
Pickersgill Reef PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Pickersgill Reef (member) 8 years ago
I was trying to suggest that Tate could lead an experiment in curation. Personally I don't think 100 images selected by an individual is likely to be more interesting than the 100 selected by three people forming a panel. I think we can think of more interesting ways of doing it (I don't think the standard voting methods used in many groups would do it either).

Just for example; suppose we were invited to choose five images from the pool and give a reasoned defense of the choices. The best curations could then be selected (perhaps by vote) to give the exhibition of photographs. Or something more creative along these lines.

I just think what is happening to photography itself somehow needs to be reflected in the development of curation.
Egg Fool Young PRO 8 years ago
I too think quite a number of the selected images are not worthy of inclusion. My own criteria to judge is to ask a simple question: are these images memorable enough to make an indelible impression? In my opinion, a lot of these images can easily be found in a typical photography student's portfolio. Having said that, we can't blame the judges for their selections because we submitted our pictures willingly. The thing to remember is no one's image is better or worse than the chosen 100's. It is just that the judges' 'preferred' the ones that they had selected, that is all.
saturday's child 8 years ago
Pickersgill Reef: The Brooklyn Museum (New York City) just did something 'else', including a Blurb book. It just finished last week.
Have a look here:
David Quigg 8 years ago
Thanks, TRP. I look forward to seeing your selections. Take your time.
jameshook1974 PRO 8 years ago
I have already said congrats to the winners of this comp but something does bother me.

That is that I would have though three judges would have selected to make a unanimous decision on the 100 entries rather then picking 33 each and a few extra incase of crossover.

I know this would have taken even longer then the judging process chosen but surely this makes sense. or is it just in my drunken mind? And it would probably have annoyed the more impatient members of this group more than the wait they already had.

I love photography, I love going to the tate, I loved flicking through the photos in this group, but I just feel a competition run by an institution such as tate should have been judge a little more professionally. and please before the lynch mob starts up I am not taking anything away from any of the winners here, more so the judging of this competition.

It just seems a little shambolic. Im sure it was a nightmare as it was and this would have been more so but come on if on x factor or some other crap talent show they just went 'oh just pick a third each' then think how much more horrendous music would be polluting our ears.
daveotuttle 8 years ago
Personally I don't think 100 images selected by an individual is likely to be more interesting than the 100 selected by three people forming a panel.

The Righteous Path Posted 8 years ago. Edited by The Righteous Path (member) 8 years ago
dejvicka and pickersgill: It depends on the individual doing the selecting. Blanket statements are useless here. Anyway I am working on picking my 100 and challenge others to the same. Favoriting eye-catching images, and will cull later.

And for all of you who are upset with me, interestingly I am still getting thank you mail. Clearly, what I said NEEDED to be said...

P.S. A measure of how dull some of the winners are: even after winning a competition sponsored by a major museum, some have less than 40 views. That means that people are not interested in the images or in the rest of the photos of the photographers who made them.
doustpauline of > \whatwhenwhere/ <all behind. Posted 8 years ago. Edited by doustpauline of > \whatwhenwhere/ <all behind. (member) 8 years ago
right on righteious! check out new group sam golanski link how tos disscussion just started. sam not attending to.....needs organizing an re boot ha.
Oh, stobbit with the Self-Righteousness already! : )

Notwithstanding the fact that very few people here are particularly upset [to the contrary; the majority challenging your comments have seemingly done so quite constructively], it gets a bit tedious when people on the Internet [to use your phrase] say things like "Oh, I've got all these private messages of support." The fact that you may've had 1, 10 or 1,000+ messages is a largely worthless statement [given that no one knows your personal track record on exaggeration ; ) ], as all these people could've quite openly supported you in here. {Shrug}

How much hate mail have you had? : D

Seriously... just leave it in your metaphorical Inbox now. Otherwise my main criticism of you would just switch to tiresome... and that really wouldn't do, eh? ; )

The Brooklyn Museum (New York City) thing is a nice idea. [But might get tired pretty quickly if it were to become the norm. And I'm not always comfortable with the thought of the great general public voting on 'art' when you look at the most popular television programmes or music charts! : ) ]

And I think jameshook1974's comment is a very valid one:

...I would have thought three judges would have selected to make a unanimous decision on the 100 entries rather then picking 33 each and a few extra in case of crossover.

It may've taken longer, but would've [arguably] made for a stronger overall representation given the natural majority voting of a 3-people panel. [i.e. 2 votes and it goes in.]
The tamed shrew PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by The tamed shrew (member) 8 years ago
Now who's being self righteous and pompous Will?

For real street and studio photography I would say go and look at TGKW work, here on Flickr. www.flickr.com/photos/tgkw/

Tommy is a master at it, modern, sensitive and technically excellent.
No, I don't think he entered this comp...
My views are also on the Judges thread, so I won't repeat them here.
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