Alex Coghe 1:12pm, 17 April 2012
I am really pleased to announce the second Alex Coghe Street Photography Contest on flickr. I wanna thank Brian and all to Think Tank Photo that also this time will award the winners with their fantastic products.

The contest is open to everyone around the world. There is no age or any other restriction. The genre is Street Photography and the photos must be taken in a candid way. There is a minor amount of post processing allowed, a raw approach to photography. This is not a Photoshop/HDR contest and your photo will not be accepted, if there are too many changes made. There are no special requirements to enter the contest.

THEME: SIMPLY THE BEST your favourite or best shot.

"Simply the best" is not a real theme. In this second contest i would give you the maximum freedom, so feel you free to partecipate with your favourite or best street photograph. The important thing is to respect the aesthetics and motivations of Street Photography.

The pool is moderated to avoid that they are included images that are not working with Street Photography.

The group on flick to submit your images is here.


The Photo has to be your favourite or best shot.
- The photo must be a street photograph.
- The photo can be in any format (landscape, portrait, square)
- The photo can be in color or black and white. Partially desaturated or sepia is not consented.
- The photo must not contain any watermarks
- The photo must not contain any frames
- Everyone can submit one photo only
- The winning image can be used to announce the winner of this contest.
- In every moment we can ask to the partecipants the file containing the exif data.

Think Tank Photo is the sponsor of this street photography competition.

The prize for the winners are:

1st place RETROSPECTIVE 10

2nd and 3rd place PIXEL POCKET ROCKET

A great opportunity to win a great camera bag!!!

*Naturally the winners will also highlight on the blog in 35mm...

If you want have the opportunity to win the contest, please join our group:
Groups Beta