darcydancer PRO 7:56pm, 2 March 2017
Happy New Year S&R Folks

I am delighted to introduce Ilya Shtutsa a member of OBSERVE who kicks off our first instruction of the year!

Ilya will be along shortly to introduce his instruction that starts Friday 3rd March.

Meantime, sit back and enjoy an interview that Danielle Houghton gave for Ilya from SPNC in 2012 this interview

See his work here

krysolove 2 years ago
Hello everybody!

I'm very happy to open this year and first of all I want to tell thanks to admins for inviting me to give an instruction. I hope it will be an interesting exploration.

My instruction is: "Let's explore the connection between our dreams and our perception".

I want you to make an experiment. It could be done in two different ways. If you are lucky enough to remember your dreams, then write down your dream when you woke up and go shooting. After that read what you've written and try to find connection with one of the pictures you've made today. Share both the written dream and the picture (just add the written dream to image description or as a comment).
If you can't remember your dreams, then take any poem you like (preferrably the first that will come to your mind after awakening) and go shooting with this poem in your head. Read it aloud before go shooting and try to keep it in mind while walking down the streets. Then, again, after returning home try to find a connection between this poem and your picture. Share both .
The third way is to notice any manifestations of synchronicity. When it happens you should say to yourself – hey, that's it, and write the case down. Then you do the same thing as with a dream or a poem.
It's very interesting to explore how something that is much bigger than we are – we can call it collective unconscious, or God, or the Dream, or occulta naturae virtus, - manifest itself both in our night dreams and in things we pay our attention to in so called “waking” state of mind. Try to visualize the influence of this power.
krysolove 2 years ago
Of course when I say 'find a connection" I don't mind that ut should be a literally connection - for example, if you've seen a white dog in your dream, it doesn't mean that a white dog should be in your picture. It should be rather connection in mood. So if you don't see any connection, then just choose the best picture fron your shooting (and I'm sure there will be the only one good enough, it's an usual thing with self-organized processes).
krysolove 2 years ago
I think, in this case it's difficult to find examples from "other people’s work". So I had to test myself hoe it works, and I have five different stories connected with pictures at this moment.

Dream #1

I am on a cruise ship. I go to the restaurant to have a dinner. The main dish is a roasted goose. It's quite expensive, and I think: maybe, it would be better to take some chicken, it's much cheaper. Nevertheless I decide to take a portion of goose. I take some snacks – little pieces of smoked salmon and something else, and go to the main dish. I begin to put peaces of goose into my plate but they turn to flakes of something strange. The plate in my hand became smaller, now it isn't bigger than my palm, and I found that the snacks are not here any more. I think: OMG, I'm so clumsy, I've lost all the food and now it lies right on the floor... I return to the plate with fish and see that just some pieces are left there and I realise that some other people want to eat them.

krysolove Posted 2 years ago. Edited by krysolove (member) 2 years ago
Dream #2

One evening I watched 12th episode of season 2 of QI. Stephen Fry asked there - how many heads did St. Anne, the grandmother of Jesus Christ, have? After Alan Davis says "one" and gets - 10 points, Stephen claims that St. Anne had seven heads, according to catholic church: in the middle ages there were seven different churches in seven different cities in Europe where they kept such relic as St. Anne's head, and each of them was considered genuine. 

Later this evening I begun to read Jung's "Memories, dreams, reflections". And after describing his difficult feelings towards herr Jesus, Jung writes such a passage:

"All sorts of things were happening at night, things 
incomprehensible and alarming. My parents were sleeping apart. I 
slept in my father's room. From the door to my mother's room came 
frightening influences. At night Mother was strange and mysterious. 
One night I saw coming from her door a faintly luminous, indefinite 
figure whose head detached itself from the neck and floated along 
in front of it, in the air, like a little moon. Immediately another head 
was produced and again detached itself. This process was 
repeated six or seven times".

Jung also describes his dream which he had when he was a child:

"I can remember, a dream which was to preoccupy me all my life. I 
was then between three and four years old. The vicarage stood 
quite alone near Laufen castle, and there was a big meadow 
stretching back from the sexton's farm. In the dream I was in this 
meadow. Suddenly I discovered a dark, rectangular, stone-lined 
hole in the ground. I had never seen it before. I ran forward curiously 
and peered down into it. Then I saw a stone stairway leading down. 
Hesitantly and fearfully, I descended. At the bottom was a doorway 
with a round arch, closed off by a green curtain. It was a big, heavy 
curtain of worked stuff like brocade, and it looked very sumptuous. 
Curiaous to see what might be hidden behind, 1 pushed it aside. I 
saw before me in the dim light a rectangular chamber about thirty 
feet long. The ceiling was arched and of hewn stone. The floor was 
laid with flagstones, and in the center a red carpet ran from the 
entrance to a low platform. On this platform stood a wonderfully rich 
golden throne. I am not certain, but perhaps a red cushion lay on the 
seat. It was a magnificent throne, a real king's throne in a fairy tale. 
Something was standing on it which I thought at first was a tree 
trunk twelve to fifteen feet high and about one and a half to two feet 
thick. It was a huge thing, reaching almost to the ceiling. But it was 
of a curious composition: it was made of skin and naked flesh, and 
on top there was something like a rounded head with no face and 
no hair. On the very top of the head was a single eye, gazing 
motionlessly upward. 

It was fairly light in the room, although there were no windows and 
no apparent source of light. Above the head, however, was an aura 
of brightness. The thing did not move, yet I had the feeling that it 
might at any moment crawl off the throne like a worm and creep 

toward me. I was paralyzed with terror. At that moment I heard from 
outside and above me my mother's voice. She called out, "Yes, just 
look at him. That is the man-eater!" That intensified my terror still 
more, and I awoke sweating and scared to death. For many nights 
afterward I was afraid to go to sleep, because I feared I might have 
another dream like that". 

After reading Jung I fell asleep and when I woke up next morning I found that I didn't remember my dream. "What a pity", - thought I, because it was an amazing day, maybe, the only sunny and warm day of this winter, and I was planning to go shooting. However I went out, took some pictures and when I returned home I found this. I can swear that I wasn't aware of the phallic drawings while shooting, it was the light and the colours and some uncertain possibility that attracted me.

krysolove 2 years ago
Dream #3

The night dream left me nothing but some vague feeling in the morning. I could remember nothing I had seen. I asked myself what could I do with this feeling? I opened my facebook page and read an article about so called “civilization of the Rose”. It was a very strange text. There was written that since long ago aliens from this civilization has been living on earth among us, humans. They are more highly developed than we are, both in technical and in moral sense, and they are here to help us. The author of the text declares that these aliens on their native planet lived in big houses with rose gardens and ponds with swans. Therefore all the symbolism of rose and cross (and also of swan) is just a memory about that unearthy life.
When I was reading this very strange text, I remembered a song by Lora Bocharova, a song-writer from Ekaterinburg. It's called Alchemist romance. I found it and listened to it. I won't translate the whole song, but there are such lines:

You can tell me that my hand is empty,
My mind is blind and my mouth lies,
But my brothers in the white hall
Hold in their hands the keys of rose and cross.

After that I went to the baptist church – I'm working on a project about different religions in a big city. And in their dining room I took such a picture. Of course when you go to a church you expect to see the cross. But what you cannot expect is to find in their dining room napkins with roses.

krysolove 2 years ago
Dream #4

I woke up with the thought that in my dream I had already have an interpretation of the dream itself. In some sense the interpretation was one of the levels of the dream. The interpretation sounded like this: each separate dream is only one word in the language of unconscious, and the phrase, or message should be built from several words, or dreams (it's funny that in Russian the words “dream” and “word” in genitive case differ only in one letter - “снов” and “слов”). 
In that dream I am out of the city, I'm going to visit a country festival. There are two places of interest and I want to go to both. But somebody tells me that it's impossible to go fast from one place to another, I should choose one. I look at the map and see that he is right – they are situated pretty far from each other. 
After that I find myself in a classroom. There are also some other people and we all should show our photographs to a teacher. On the teacher's place sits a woman that I know very long time. We had extremely confusing relationship in the past. She asks me – are not you afraid? I say no, but when it's my turn I show nothing, just look at her and nod my head.

krysolove 2 years ago
Dream #5

I have to return to Riga because I think I forgot something there. I think about it and somebody tells me: “Look, I have a special map, it can help”. I look at the map. When I look, the scale changes, and I see more and more details. I see Riga surrounded by water, like Venice. In a moment I find myself in the city physically. Julia is with me, and we met a local guy and his girlfriend and he led us to some abandoned barrack. It's dark here and it smells urine. But living rooms are left as if people have just left the place a minute before. We go from one room to another and look at the furniture and wall decorations. 
In one room we see a lot of photos of half-naked women in military clothes on a wall. Suddenly I hear a loud shouting from the corridor: “Don't move, you bastards, junkies, we'll kill you all!!!”
I think: “It's nazi raid!”
Fortunately, there is a window in the room and it's open. I think that I should take Julia and friends and escape through the window, but I find that they are gone. I realize that they may already be in the hands of the nazis and I have to go and save them. But I'm alone, and I'm afraid of the gang of aggressive armed guys. So after some hesitation I go out of the window. But I can't leave the place, I think about my friends, and I stay near the window and look inside. Suddenly there appears two guys in camouflage balaclavas. They point at me two guns. I rise my hands. They move their guns from side to side and then disappear.

cjcrosland PRO 2 years ago
WOW!!!! What an amazing instruction Ilya!!!!
What a way to kick off the year :-)))
bek_the_sur 2 years ago
Wonderful instruction! I really look forward to seeing what comes out of it :-).
Palofperu PRO 2 years ago
Blimey O'Riley this is an instruction and a half!
krysolove 2 years ago
I'm looking forward for your pictures and stories!
dasilke 2 years ago
Thank you, Ilya!!! What a fascinating instruction and great examples! Thanks also for the effort you put into explaining it all – quite some work. Will be interesting to see what happens.
chrisowenrichards Posted 2 years ago. Edited by chrisowenrichards (member) 2 years ago
Great instruction - and (probably) sleepless nights ahead! Thanks!
mark_walch1968 PRO 2 years ago
have a dream then go out and capture your dreams. Interesting. Or write all your dreams down in the week. And go out at the weekend. And capture the ideal dream. Great idea. It reminded me of vanilla Sky film.
krysolove 2 years ago

It's in interesting approach, to write all your dreams down in the week and go out at the weekend. For sure, not everyone can go shooting any day he want, most of us can do it only at the weekend. So it should work fine. In such case, it's interesting how many connection you'll find - one picture and one dream or several.
Of course, you should choose one, the most interesting, for groop pool, but if there will be several stories and pictures, we can create special thread and post them there.
gri2011 2 years ago
I love it, it's a really creative instruction, I hope to be at this level!
Very interesting stories and examples!
pedroalves44 2 years ago
The year starts at full gas,nice creative instruction,with a great latitude of approachs!
Leripix 2 years ago
This is far more than an instruction Ilya, it's taking us right inside your head and it's fascinating! I haven't been able to remember a dream since I read it, but I haven't had chance to go out shooting either, maybe those two things are connected. . . Thank you Ilya. A great start to S&R 107.
pudol1 2 years ago

Very intriguing instruction. What an interesting creative approach! Thank you for sharing with us and for all the effort explaining and providing examples. Looking forward to seeing all the submissions and stories. :-)
sameerwalzade 2 years ago
An instruction that encourages us to 'see', not just when we are awake, but also when we are asleep! Love the way you've kicked off S&R 107, Ilya.
sobrenivel 2 years ago
Great idea Ilya, very creative instruction. Many thanks for your explanation and examples.
watcher330 PRO 2 years ago
John Paddler wrote on Mike McCawley's shot:

"No dreams?"

But Ilya says:

"If you can't remember your dreams, then take any poem you like (preferrably the first that will come to your mind after awakening) and go shooting with this poem in your head."

Seems pretty clear to me.
Mike_McCawley 2 years ago
I posted mine thinking I understood the instruction's parameters but I'm going to remove my shot and see if I can better figure out what's being asked. May just end up skipping this round.
gri2011 2 years ago

Thank you very much for this clarification John!
poddy1021 Posted 2 years ago. Edited by poddy1021 (member) 2 years ago
To me, Ilya's instruction is about exploring how our subconscious connects with or influences our conscious when we photograph. Ilya suggests three starting points; a) a dream, b) a poem, c) any other thought/feeling. It may be a very clear connection such as Dream #5 (aggression-guns) or a more subtle connection such as Dream #4 (impossible journey-fear). The connection may even turn up after first photographing without anything particular in mind, and later finding a connection after looking at the photographs, such as Dream #2 (in which the belated connection was made with someone else's dream). So, I think Ilya gives us quite a bit of latitude in approaching this instruction and we shouldn't worry too much about finding that perfect connection between dreams and reality. The connection is often far more hazy and "connecting the dots" may take a slightly more scenic route.
gri2011 2 years ago
Thank you very much
dasilke 2 years ago

Thank you, Adrian! That was very helpful. I think the trigger to let subconscious affect conscious and therefore perception can be very different indivually – a personal thing. As I hardly ever remember any dreams and poetry usually doesn't have a lasting impression on me, I will try with a novel I started reading and which ideas/thoughts I imagine might find their way into my subconscious. It's an interesting experiment.
watcher330 PRO Posted 2 years ago. Edited by watcher330 (member) 2 years ago

Very well presented explanation Adrian. We are all very different and our photography reflects that.
LocusC 2 years ago
Very intriguing instruction; It should be fun. And thanks for the clear explanation, Adrian.
johnpaddler PRO Posted 2 years ago. Edited by johnpaddler (admin) 2 years ago
First, this is a fascinating instruction. Big thank you to Ilya! I’m always keen to hear what inspires, which interests, training, experience, photographers have outside of photography, what books they read, which theorists, etc, etc. With #01, Ilya invites us to become, in a sense, our own inspiration. He presents a method of tapping our own subconscious and perhaps the collective unconscious.

Members will have different approaches, unequal time available and so on. Not everyone will have time to dream (a longer lie-in helps), and a poem can be a valid substitute. I commented on Mike’s submission because I felt it might be worth his while to delve deeper into the instruction. The comment was addressed in equal measure to les autres. The problem with Flickr and mobile platforms is that these make it difficult to access discussions, so, when commenting early submissions, my comments are often aimed just as much others not so quick off the mark, members who perhaps do not read pointers and discussions, but attempt the instruction based on the yellow banner and what is already submitted to the pool.

The descriptions of dreams on some submissions in the pool are rather sketchy, sometimes just one line. Is this is what is meant by ‘writing down the dream’ before going out shooting? I’m anxious that members may take too lightly this first stage, or get misled into thinking that this is an instruction where you can shoot first, and afterwards make up a dream or pick a poem. The preparatory first stage is what makes this instruction unique. Regardless of our individuality and whatever kind of work we choose to do for the first stage (dream, poem, coincidence), shooting must clearly be the second stage of the process.
dasilke 2 years ago

very good point.
krysolove 2 years ago

I'm completely agree with you. One-line dream description is not enough, it don't provides us context enough to get the message of the picture. But the four dreams that are written in full show us that this method works very well, they all have some interesting connection with pictures.
pudol1 2 years ago

Thank you for the for the summary / further clarifications.
Absolutely agree.
Md. Imam Hasan 2 years ago
Wonderful Instruction Illya
johnpaddler PRO Posted 2 years ago. Edited by johnpaddler (admin) 2 years ago
Well done everyone! 10:00 GMT is passed, submissions closed, and we eagerly await curation, to be posted below.
Curating #01

5 selections – Ilya Shtutsa

1 selection each – Jota C, LocusC, Lili (sobrenivel), Silke (dasilke), Puvadol (pudol1)

Gallerists, please wait for instruction giver’s selections before posting - thanks!
Dear 232members of S&R, while you wait, why not make your own gallery for #01
& post a [link to your album] in square brackets in the Private Members’ Galleries thread:
krysolove Posted 2 years ago. Edited by johnpaddler (admin) 2 years ago
I want to say thank you to everybody who took part in the game, it was very interesting!

That's pity that I have to choose only 5 submissions, cause I liked more. But here are the five:

1. Dmitry Stepanenko -

#01 - DS - Mar 2017 - London - 1

Dmitry was the first to perform the instruction in the right way, and he showed us how we can work with our nightmares using photography, not only with nice or strange dreams.

2. Dimitris Politis -


Very impressive picture and wonderful story showing how that strange power that guide all our actions as well as perceptions and dreams manifests itself in three different ways - first in the choice of the book to read, then in the dream and after in the picture.

3. John Ellis -

#01 a fresh-faced Eve

For demonstrating how this power works even when you don't believe in it.

4. Amira A

S&R 107 - #01

For a beautiful though simple picture and very important message - the unconscious doesn't know the time, the time is an illusion of our consciousness. So it speaks with us with strange words (in our case we look at our pictures as such words) and we have to put that words in phrases ourselves, and ignoring the timelime is the key here.

5. Tavepong Pratoomwong

Flying Whales  #01

Ishmael just kills me, I can't resist. It shows very well how the powerful text can inspire a powerful picture.
watcher330 PRO 2 years ago
Well Ilya, I admire your photos hugely; your English tackles philosophy better than 99% of our population, and you have a great sense of humour. Many thanks for the selection and for generating so much interest and discussion.
d_stepanenko 2 years ago
Thank you Ilya! I'm glad to make it to your selection.
amira_a PRO 2 years ago
Ilya - thank you very much for including me in this group of talented dreamers. Your idea for a dream/reality connection is certainly different and unique approch and opens us to other layers of street photography.
Thank you Ilya for selection and superb instruction !!!
pudol1 Posted 2 years ago. Edited by pudol1 (member) 2 years ago
Thank you for all your submissions. There are many nice photos and stories. I had a hard time narrowing down to what I have here.

My choice for the curated group
#1 You Can Draw

and my gallery
sobrenivel 2 years ago
My choise for the Curated Group:


My gallery:

LocusC 2 years ago
My choice for the curated group:
Street&repeat #01 by pedroalves44

And my gallery:
pedroalves44 2 years ago

Thanks for pic my photograph to the curated group,im trully honored!
dasilke 2 years ago
My pick for the curated group:

My gallery:
Jota C. 2 years ago
My choice for the curated group goes for the hidden stories on Shan's photo:


My gallery:
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