chrismalmberg 5:38pm, 10 April 2017
Hi Md, thanks for giving our group such a great instruction! We’re excited to have you with us.

I’d like to do sort of a “This -or- That” kind of interview. I mention two or more things, and you tell me which one (or which ones) and explain why. Okay, here we go.

Dogs -or- cats -or- birds -or- horses?

All. But I Love Dogs more, honest, trustworthy and always a good friend.


Day -or- night?
Day. Good light and less chances to lost camera.

Color -or- black & white?
Depends on the treatment which needs for particular Image. But maximum time Color because it gives more message than B W.

Shoot where you live -or- travel?
Travel helps to explore more and more, as I have less scope to travel I am happy with the place where I live in spite of having boringness.


Humor -or- drama?
Both. I prefer drama more; it gives you more space to hold the attention in the images.


Imaginary -or- reality?
Both are related with each other. Yes the truth is reality but without the imagination, reality never comes.


Study -or- practice?
Its 40/60. Study helps you to understand where practice makes you perfect.

Rain -or- shine?
Rain is like romance, love but I prefer Shine always, I do not want to wet my camera :P


Pepsi -or- Coke?
Coke from childhood. Now a day’s fresh water.

A longer interview -or- more time to go shooting?
More time to go shooting.

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amusing tomatoes [deleted] 4 years ago
Thanks for the interview, gentlemen, short and sweet! Although I won't mind Md Enamul talking a bit more about how he shot the photos that he chose for this interview.
watcher330 4 years ago
Nicely concise - well done to both.
chrisowenrichards 4 years ago
Compact and engaging - the pictures too - thanks!
pedroalves44 4 years ago
Simple and informative, great pictures!
3_three_3 4 years ago
nice job guys! Really enjoyable read.

Love this line:

Yes the truth is reality but without the imagination, reality never comes.
Md Enamul Kabir 4 years ago
poddy1021: Thanks mate i will it very soon



Thanks mate


Thanks Siri that you like
gri2011 4 years ago
Congratulations to both for the excellent interview, it is very original!
I love the photos too!
pudol1 4 years ago
Short and sweet! Great to see the other side of Md Enamul's photos too
sobrenivel 4 years ago
Thank you both!
amusing tomatoes [deleted] 4 years ago
Thanks mate, looking forward to it!
Md Enamul Kabir Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Md Enamul Kabir (member) 4 years ago
poddy1021: Here it is !!!


Lately I fall in love with this beautiful creature. I was walking around park and the way dog was sleeping, took my attention. The body color was half black and half white which was a special things. More over the best part is the way he put his front two legs and head seems very affectionate.


I am working on a long time project on our main railway station called “Life at Kamalapur Rail way Station”. During every Eid (Muslim Main Festival) due to lack of less accommodation for huge number of home going people a big trouble happen every time. The gentleman was unable to enter by door, so he was trying to enter by window of the train.


Another photo from Muslim religious festival called Ashura. Mainly Shia Muslim cut their body by blade to showing their love to the grandson of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (S ) on his death day. The both lockets attacked me to take a shoot.


This photo is a good example for me that photographs can happen anywhere and anytime. After shooting me and my friend Muhammad Imam was entering a hotel for breakfast. And suddenly I noticed this poster just beside the hotel gate. That eye feels creepy to me.


Another example for me that photographs can happen anywhere and anytime. Probably I was reading Dirty Harry blog at my office, reading some humor or something else. It was a winter morning and noticed my office mate stood by the window and watching the outside view. I took the shoot seating my desk. The color and his bit invisibility make me curious.
johnpaddler 4 years ago
Thanks Md. Enamul, lots of fun.
amusing tomatoes [deleted] 4 years ago
Thanks Md Enamul! Super!
sobrenivel 4 years ago
Thanks Md Enamul!!
Great interview!
Md Enamul Kabir 4 years ago
johnpaddler: Thanks mate yes it was

poddy1021: Thanks mate

sobrenivel: Thanks

Jeff Larson (Raw Power): Thanks a lot Jeff
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