craven crown [deleted] 10:40pm, 30 August 2007
Fest(s) are the best for passing holiday!
Have you been at some fest this summer?
I've only been at IeperFest.. but I would like to go to DeadFest too!


Linn Heidi Stokkedal 11 years ago
I went to pressure this summer:) It was a amazing line-up with bands so I hardly could sit down at all... Earth crisis, black friday 29, have heart, down to nothing, walls of jericho, sick of it all, casey jones! it was magical:) Deadfest is cool, but i dont bother to go this year.. I only want to see bane and have heart:)
craven crown [deleted] 11 years ago
i cant wait to see bane and have heart again here in italy!
giorgia k 11 years ago
i went to the feel their pain festival but it wasn't that great ... eye of judgement and to kill were the best bands, but i'm not too crazy for either of them!
craven crown [deleted] 11 years ago
dovevo andarci anche io, sono stata alla prima edizione.
è davvero una bella iniziativa.
giorgia k 11 years ago
sì come iniziativa è bellissima, poi l'hanno organizzato bene ... penso di tornarci se mai lo rifanno. spero però di vedere qualche gruppo nuovo
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