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How long have you been straight edge?

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Linn Heidi Stokkedal is a group moderator Linn Heidi Stokkedal says:

I think its cool that we now have a straightedge girls group here on flickr and this is a great oppourunity, at least I think, to know you better!:)

I`m a straight edge girl from norway:)

I have been straight edge since I was 13.. so 5 years for me!
The reason is many, has something to do with my family been doing too much drinking for me to get started too.
Also I discovered early how people get stupid when they drink and I started hate drugs after shirt while.

Have a nice day:)
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BakeandDestroy.com is a group moderator BakeandDestroy.com says:

I can't remember, exactly. I mean, I never did drugs or anything, I smoked a few times when I was in jr. high school but only whatever I could steal from my mom (^_^). I guess I really started listening to hardore at aout 15, especially all of the straight edge bands that were playing around then. I'm almost 28 now, so it's been a long time. I always thought once my friends and I made it past 21 we wouldn't have to worry about selling out anymore, but I've had a ton of friends in the past few years start drinking at almost 30 years old. It's such a disappointment that peer pressure still carries on even in middle age. My husband will be 35 next month and he's been sXe his entire life, so there's a little encouragement.
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aback account [deleted] says:

i'm sxe since 2004 and i'm so happy for this because sometimes i can share awesome things with the people i love the most.

sxe, in my opinion, isn't only a way of life.. i think it's a feeling and a different way to see life and to live it!

thanks for open this discuss and hope to have other thousand discuss :)

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giorgia k says:

i've always hated alcohol, drugs and cigarettes. i tried smoking once but it's just gross, and i've only been drunk once in my life and i still can't see which is the fun part ...
i became a vegetarian 2 years ago but after about a year i started eating meat again. i don't buy leather products and i took up vegetarianism again a few weeks ago.
as for hardcore, i used to be an emo kid until i met my current boyfriend two years ago, who's the drummer of a local hc band. i started out listening to ignite and rise against .. now i listen to them all (especially h2o, ignite and comeback kid). i got into hc punk cos of him .. but he's a vegetarian cos of me! :3
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Linn Heidi Stokkedal is a group moderator Linn Heidi Stokkedal says:

a lot of respect to you and your husband bake and destroy! I like your style:)

and I´m glad you girls share your stories with us:)
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