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FlyButtafly July 2, 2009
Please review the group rules if you cannot remember the guidelines. Minimum 5 sentences, non-fiction, photos-only, original work only - this includes writing in your own words.

Photos go into a pending queue, where they are either rejected or approved. Repeat violaters *will* be removed from the group. Also, this is a family-friendly group. Please remember this when choosing what to post. Non-safe imagery will not be accepted.

Group Description

Your photograph must be accompanied by a story. The story must be at least five sentences long and MUST be true - no poems or fiction please. Tell us something about your photograph, why you took it, the story behind the photograph. Please feel free to write as much as you want - in fact, we encourage it! We're not looking for fiction here, or poetry, only true stories! EXIF data does *not* count as a story.

Submissions are limited to 7 per week, to give everyone a fair chance at exposure.

If your photo has been rejected from the pool, please reacquaint yourself with the guidelines, and feel free to modify the description or add a different photo. Continual disregard of the guidelines may result in your being kicked from the group.

Pictures With Stories - 5 sentence MINIMUM. Get yours at

Group Rules

This is a group for photographs which have stories. To qualify, your submission must be:

1) True/non-fiction.

2) 5 sentences or longer. This ensures that it is more than just a quick caption, and that you put actual thought into your description.

3) An actual photograph. Some editing is allowed, but this is about PICTURES with stories, not graphics/paintings/screenshots, etc. with stories. And while the admins have nothing against video, we prefer to keep this a photography-only group.

4) Your own work. Not some photo/article scanned from a magazine or newspaper or taken off the web.

5) Family-friendly. This is not the group to submit your "artistic nudes", erotica, or anything someone with safe search on shouldn't see, to.

Any photo/story not adhering to these guidelines will not be accepted. If you repeatedly submit work that is in violation, you will be kicked out.

Thank you for joining Pictures with Stories, and for sharing your stories with us!

Additional Info

  • Members can post 2 things to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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