average touch [deleted] 12:50pm, 22 October 2011
"Curate NYC exists to heighten exposure for New York City visual artists, and to promote the city’s image as a cultural hub. In 2010, Curate NYC attracted 1,190 entries in three weeks. All entries were reviewed by a panel of judges, and the top 150 works were exhibited as museum-quality postcards at Rush Arts Gallery in Chelsea. The project website generated 600,000 hits in three weeks. In 2011, in addition to the postcard exhibition, guest curators will organize online shows, and five galleries, one per borough, will curate and exhibit their own shows of actual works by Curate NYC artists."
JeffKWW 7 years ago
I have nothing to enter this year,
Good Luck.
average touch [deleted] 7 years ago
There's always next year Jeff!
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