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Thanks for the heads-up Louis!

"In New York, it will be 11 o’clock on Sunday morning when the clock for Coordinated Universal Time — which carries the neither-English-nor-French abbreviation U.T.C. (it’s formerly Greenwich Mean Time) — reaches 15:00 hours. So some people will be settled into church pews while others prepare to head out to the park, if not the beach. Los Angeles will be a good deal quieter at such an early hour, except for some hard-partying types unwilling to concede that it’s no longer Saturday night. Lunch time will be at hand in Rio de Janeiro, dinner time in Cape Town. Dusk will be bringing an end to another tough day in Afghanistan, while midnight strikes in Beijing. For Australians, it will already be first thing Monday morning.

After you take your photo, please send it as soon as possible to (the link should be active at 15:00 U.T.C.). On the Web form, you’ll be asked to categorize your photo by location and subject (the topic list shown above) and to include caption information. We don’t expect everyone to hit 15:00 exactly, but we do ask that you try to stay within a few minutes of that targeted time.

The photos will appear quickly on the Lens blog and on, and — if you’d like — you’ll be able to arrange them by country, by topic or by how they were ranked by other readers. Or you can just view them randomly. Some will almost certainly be spotlighted on the Lens blog."
April 8, 2010, 5:01 am A Timely Global Mosaic, Created by All of Us
TheLouD711 8 years ago
I think this is going to be on May 2 sorry.
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