_Robert C_ 12:26pm, 6 September 2008
August Top 10
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Best of the month of August '08

#1 - Colorful Lady
by ecco9494

#3 - Swirl of Nature

by ecco9494 -

#4 - Orchid in a drop

by brochujames -

#5 - liberty iphone pic

by davidwatts1978 -

#6 - smokestack liberty

by davidwatts1978 -

#7 - Butterfly down stroke

by brochujames -

#8 - Chrome Dreams I

by _Robert C_ -

#9 - '49 Chevy

by _Robert C_ -

#10 - Red Walls

by Gowanus -

The Staten Island Defined top ten is brought to you by etrusco -
average touch [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by average touch (admin) 10 years ago
What an impressive collection!
Congratulations to Ecco, Brochujames, David Watts, Robert C, and Gowanus!
JeffKWW 10 years ago
Ecco, Love the Lady in Red.

& a great job by everyone else.

I have to get back to shooting around SI so I can get in the Top Ten.
average touch [deleted] 10 years ago
Come on Jeff - the Top 10 is waiting for you!
ecco9494 10 years ago
Thanks to all for this honor. I have many chances to catch the Lady in all her glory since I ride the ferry every evening home from the city. The sunsets are most awesome this time of year.

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