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Staten Island Defined
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Best of the month June '08

#1 - Pier

by andy in nyc - See photos - See profile

#2 - night span
by mudpig - See his photo - See his profile

#3 - Hover Fly on Queen Anne's Lace
by puzzler4879 - See photos - See profile

#4 - The Gathering Storm
by _Robert C_ - See photos - See profile

#5 - Twainish
by darren bryden (will be back soon) - See photos - See profile

>#6 - Trying To Join Our Show ? ...... "Let's go scare those people on that big plane!"
by Captain RNJ nyc - See photos - See profile

#7 - Panorama of staten island ferry manhattan side
by mister mark davis - See photos - See profile

#8 - Lady Shining Bright
by ecco9494 - See photos - See profile

#9 - Crossing the Arthur Kill
by Val Ann - See photo - See profile

#10 - DANCE!
by mister mark davis - See photos - See profile

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mister mark davis 10 years ago
wow I have to say this months pictures are really really strong. It has a lot to do with the new members.
_Robert C_ 10 years ago
Andy's pier shot has it all, composition, perspective, color, drama.
ecco9494 10 years ago
Thanks for comments and admiring my shot!!
Captain RNJ nyc PRO 10 years ago
Thanks for including my shot, all 10 photos are great.
JeffKWW 10 years ago
Does July get a Top Ten?
andy in nyc 10 years ago
That's a good question. Unless anyone beats me to it, I can post the list a little later this evening.
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