mister mark davis 9:01pm, 23 April 2008
The Verrazano bridge is gettign it's murcury vapor lights replaced with LED lights. these lights will safe a fortune because they need t0o be replaced less frequently and save 7000 a year just in electricity.


It might be a great time to take a night landscape picture because the lights have different color temperatures and might look really interesting. once all the lights are replaced it might be fun to recreate pictures you took before of the verrazano.
average touch [deleted] 10 years ago
Thanks for the info - sounds like a great idea - thanks A.M.!
JeffKWW 10 years ago
Sorry to say, But I bet it wouldn't look half as nice.
andy in nyc 10 years ago
As an express bus rider, I'm all for less disruption to traffic to change bulbs. And as a photographer, I'm thankful for the tip. Exactly the sort of interesting information we should share here. Thanks Mark!
mister mark davis 10 years ago
I'm glad people appreciate this. When I posted this I was thinking, man I really hope someone cares abotu this or I will look like the most boring man on the internet.
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