Queen Angelfish 8:55am, 18 February 2008
hi, i have some great pictures from inside the old seaview hospital, and another abandoned building near castleton and cebra avenues. i can't seem to figure out how to actually post them on the group's page. can anyone help me?
andy in nyc 10 years ago
Hi and welcome to the group!

If you pull up one of your individual photo pages from your stream, right above the photo there's a row of buttons. They may vary slightly depending on the permissions you've set up on your account, but essentially the list starts with "add note / send to group / add to set" and a bunch of others.

Click on the "Send To Group" button, choose this group from the drop-down window that pops up, and you're done.

The only other limitation is that the group has a limit of three photos per day, to maintain some diversity and give everyone's work a fair chance to be enjoyed before being pushed off the first page.

Looking forward to your photos!
Queen Angelfish 10 years ago
Thank you so much for your clear and coherent instructions. I'll try to upload some photos now.
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