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Welcome to the 4th Annual Staten Island Freedom and Peace Festival

The event will be held November 3, 2007 in Tappen Park, on Bay St. between Canal St. and Water St., in the Stapleton section of Staten Island, from 12 noon to 6:00 pm.

Organized and sponsored by Peace Action Staten Island (PASI) and People Against Oppression and War (PAOW), this festival is about activism and entertainment, because work can be rewarding.

The primary goal of the festival is to provide a forum in which civil discourse can elevate the public's role in a democracy, from spectator to participant, based on informed opinion.

Political accountability, by way of official checks and balances and other means, is fundamental to ensure that our government represent the public interest, not the private.

All are welcome to spend some or most of their day here, sharing knowledge, so we all have power. This unique Staten Island event is meant to be lively and empowering.

Browse staffed information tables from several different peace groups, both local and national. See examples of how to effect positive social change, and talk about issues that impact all of us. Most notably right now, of course, is the Iraq war. We support Iraq Veterans Against War (IVAW) and show solidarity with their fight, the people's fight, to bring justice to stop an illegal, immoral war. Listen to them, and speakers from other social justice groups, as they talk about the brutal reality of what this political leadership has done to the world, in our names. Public power, not private control; that'll be a theme for the day. Past speakers include Reverend Dan Berrigan, direct action pacifist for more than a half-century, and Norman Siegel, the noted civil rights attorney who proudly represents the public interest in the streets and in the courtroom.

To celebrate strength in diversity, enjoy a plethora of entertainment: live music from a variety of genres, traditional and slam poetry, street theatre, comedy, picture and other performance art, too.

For kids, we've got a Peace Mural to paint with the folks from Universal Temple of the Arts, puppet shows, face painting, and a short play from the Children's Theatre Company.

For more information concerning the schedule, performers, speakers, and activist groups, please call 718-393-8497. PERFORMERS
Robert Ross Band
Spiritchild of Movement in Motion
Silas & friends
The Bread Is Rising
Eliot Katz
Ira Goldstein
Paint this year's mural with the Universal Temple of the Arts.
Watch a presentation from Children's Theater Company.
Enjoy the puppeteering of Mask-A-Rade.
Get your face painted.
Nanci Richards
Breakdancing clown DariusZ

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