average touch [deleted] 6:37pm, 31 December 2006
Thanks for taking part in our group here at Staten Island, NYC

My best wishes go out to each and everyone of you for a happy, healthy, and creative 2007!

_Robert C_ 12 years ago
And the same to you James. Thanks for helping me get started on Flickr.

andy in nyc 12 years ago
Happy New Year to everyone here.

I just found this group a couple of days ago after seeing one of Bob's photos posted to the group pool, and hope to be a regular contributor in 2007, as one of my resolutions for this year is to get out of the house more often during the weekends to improve my photography skills. Which means SI, SI and more SI!
average touch [deleted] 12 years ago
Hey that's great Andy - hopefully we will start planning some photo walkabouts soon! Thanks for joining and, especially, for posting.
SimplySchmoopie 12 years ago
Happy New Year to all!
I'm looking forward to the year ahead and plenty of photographs!
average touch [deleted] Posted 12 years ago. Edited by average touch (admin) 12 years ago
Hey there Schmoopie - I'm with you - a great year of photography has begun!
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