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  • Blue picture ?

    Hi, I can see in Flickr some stacked image where the main color is a beautiful b...

    catherine.hebbelinck3 days ago1 replies

  • Emphasize Meteorites?

    Hi - Using StarStaX to merge photos of the Lyrid Meteor shower. I have a bunch o...

    hqabmfuc586 weeks ago1 replies

  • hot spots and dark frames

    Hi everyone, I've read through this group and can't find help to my specific pro...

    norm1789 months ago0 replies

  • Black output image

    I uploaded 300 star trail images (jpeg) and 2 black images (jpeg same exposure a...

    dbcowen10 months ago3 replies

  • Cumulative Stacking

    I just love that StarStax has an option to save the cumulative stacking after ea...

    (Jessica)16 months ago3 replies

  • Using Starstax for simulating daytime long exposure

    This is a very interesting program. I discovered it pretty much by chance. One o...

    Mceek216 months ago0 replies

  • Output

    The program is very easy & works well. However, I'm disappointed that the saved ...

    vince47317 months ago1 replies

  • Gap filling

    I tried the default settings for Threshold & Amount in Gap Filing. I found no di...

    vince47320 months ago0 replies

  • I need stars only dots

    Can I stacking photos so the stars are just dots? I stacked this photo with IS...

    instinctive library23 months ago1 replies

  • help with patterns in my foreground

    I'm having trouble with some patterned lines in my foregrounds. the star trails ...

    Marc Decker28 months ago4 replies

  • What am I doing wrong?

    Here is the regular version

    elizabeth.roy061333 months ago0 replies

  • StarStaX in Ubuntu (17.02)

    I am trying to open StarStaX in ubuntu. Not able to open. Does this software sup...

    SudhirKReddy33 months ago0 replies

  • Solar Transit How To

    I'm new to StarStaX. I just photographed the ISS transiting across the sun, so I...

    obsolete pickle33 months ago1 replies

  • Wrong order of importing into Starstax

    I have a folder with 358 images. For some unknown reason it imports the images a...

    Photoc@t33 months ago3 replies

  • My first upload and I am getting Cannot Open Image error

    Hello, New here and to StarStaX. It came with high reviews. Why am I gett...

    cozypowell134 months ago1 replies

  • Dots not light trails

    Not sure what I'm doing wrong but my stax are coming out as dots not streaks. Ch...

    goose156943 months ago3 replies

  • Resolution

    Just started using it, but how do you get a higher res output image? Im getting ...

    Chris Pist44 months ago4 replies

  • Comet Mode

    Hi guys, I just downloaded StarStaX tonight and wanted to try out the Comet M...

    brave eye46 months ago0 replies

  • Start Processing Grayed Out

    I had StarStax Version 7.0 on my Windows 7 64-bit computer and it worked fine. G...

    Susan Colosimo48 months ago0 replies

  • Missing msvcp120.dll

    My Windows 10 is missing msvcp120.dll, needed for StarStax. Can I download just...

    lizainmm48 months ago0 replies

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