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Theses Hills Are Not Barren-The Story of A Century Farm by George D Taylor offers an uplifting 132 page glimpse into his family's heroic struggle & its farmstead from the opening of the 19th century, when they first cleared the uninhabited & hostile land, until the book's publication in the middle of the 20th century. It is compelling reading, narrated in the same voice as the people from which it sprang; practical, trustworthy, God-fearing, stoic, no-nonsense and delivered in crisp, plain-talk English. It's more than a history of their Century Farm (An award the Taylor Farm received from the State of New York for 100 years of continuous & successful operation), it mirrors their own unique way of life in the Catskill-foothills Dairyland for generations following the post-Revolutionary War pioneer settlements.The modern reader recognizes that their story and their farmstead lifestyle are receeding from the rural American landscape almost unnoticed amidst the rising flood of cyber-genization and consumerism. The reader may be somewhat surprised to discover the extraordinary values & virtues of the real-life characters illustrated by our author, were in fact rather commonplace for the age. The author very skillfully displays the timber of such folk who, for more than a century, raised our food and made the stingy, rocky soil prolific without any attempt at glorifying their lot or their personalities. Readers with an interest in history, especially of American farms & their management, as well as those historians of New York State-Delaware County or Catskill Mountains will also mine basketloads of valuable facts and insights into those cultures/times. But above all else, this book shows the power of people, who, confronted with overwhelming odds stacked against them for more than ten decades, and forced to endure tragedies and hardships in rural isolation, overturn the balance in their favor by means of their integrity, commitment & family and social bonds
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9 March 2011

We are delighted to be able to announce that this book is now available to readers, free of charge on-line. The DCNYHistory site has transcribed its in its entirety and you can bring it up by clicking on this link:

Rachel Pace, a grandaughter of the author, made this volume accessible to the DCNYHistory site by releasing it from any legal constraints, and provided invaluable supplementary material & Information. Next Joyce Reidinger of DCNYHistory had it e-processed to where the reader can view the book as either (1) photo-reproductions, or (2) pdf or (3) word text. Linda Ogborn made the keyboard transcription and I made the photographic copy of the pages of my own copy of the book.

All of us hope you will take the time to read this timely message, full of inspiration and meaningful stories about Catskill/DelCnty people in their families and daily lives. In so many important ways, you will confirm that what was true and beautiful in ages past, is still true & beautiful.

This link is to facebook "Village of Stamford"
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Donald, Joyce, Linda and Rachel have done us a great service by posting this book and making it available. I knew that it existed but I never had the opportunity to read it.

Having known George and Helen Taylor, and of course the Dayton family on the farm, I can almost hear George talking to us in the book. He was remarkable in that he lived that rugged live and was also gifted with the ability to understand the significance of his experiences and to write so eloquently about his life and the farm itself.

If my memory is correct, fifty-one years after graduation from Stamford Central School, there is a plaque in the entry hall of the school with the names of the school board of 1937, when it was built. Really reaching back into the old memory, I think the plaque shows President of the School Board to be one George D. Taylor. He truly understood and appreciated the value of a good education.
You are correct GAD. He was president of the school board. Education was very important to all the Taylors. He was so disappointed that Latin and I were like oil and water. I was so disappointed to disappoint Grandpa. He had the highest of expectations!
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