Sex of squirrel

Shamey Jo 9:11am, 21 February 2008
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"How can you tell a male from a female?

There is no difference in appearance, between males and females. About the only sure way to tell the sex of a squirrel is to turn it over and look. "

Squirrel Nuts
stagedoor PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by stagedoor (member) 10 years ago
or this ....

Fig leaf required
Yersinia 10 years ago

And you can often see the nips of nursing females.
amish_shah 10 years ago
the above one is a male...
Shamey Jo 10 years ago
oh yeah. The white squirrel? Those are balls.
lw2j PRO 10 years ago
beckham2007 10 years ago
There's no doubt which one is male here....

A little lovin going on
shesnuckinfuts PRO 10 years ago
I just had to share my best girl squirrel shot here!! LoL!
Got Milk?
Keith Turrill [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Keith Turrill (member) 10 years ago
Breeding females have visible nipples and adult male squirrels have nuts like an Angus beef bull as do gerbils, hamsters, mice, and rats. Most common rodents species have very high physiological testosterone levels in males.
Lisa Nail Photography 10 years ago
ROFLMAO!!!! Who would have thought I would be 45 and sitting at a computer looking at squirrel genitals. These are all a hoot.
mannikon 10 years ago
Yup! the females can be easy to spot ...

little breeder

... and the males usually , er, "show" themselves ...

showing off
groc PRO 10 years ago
I kinda got the idea this was definitely a lady squirrel

Shamey Jo 10 years ago
Oh that's just great. So funny.
mirsasha PRO 10 years ago
This is like...a squirrel porn thread or something. :)

Here's my addition:

I really think this fellow thought he was staring in a porn movie and was striking a pose.
karen.j 9 years ago
Whe my daughter was at university she had a hamster, one day she noticed a growth, straight to the vets with and emergency appointment to have the offending object removed! After the vet got himself under control from laughing he told her it was his testicles and he didnt think Homie Hamster would be too pleased to have them removed lol :)
gorak37 7 years ago
christmas card by gorak37

Sometimes it gets A little nuts around the holidays
squirrellygirl24 [deleted] 7 years ago
Here's one of my buddy Rockette, looking a little exposed!
Totally exposed by squirrellygirl24
fotojak1 1 year ago
Sometimes it's obvious what gender they are
You Can Almost See My Nuts by fotojak1
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