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What camera are you shooting with!?

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Jana Obscura is a group administrator Jana Obscura says:

It's been awhile, but I wanted to know what kind of camera you're currently shooting with to expose the sprockets on your film. Have you purchased a sprocket rocket or modified one of your own?
10:27AM, 9 May 2012 PDT (permalink)

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tdsmoonchild says:

I shoot a Kowa Six with homemade adapters from carved down ends of a 120 film spool.
66 months ago (permalink)

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Leslie Lazenby says:

Film Photography Project's Plastic Filmtastic 120 Debonair

Debonair Modification for 35mm by Leslie Lazenby

The Sprocketastic Debonair 004 by Leslie Lazenby

and sometimes
1930's Kodak Jr. Six-20
Super Sprockets - 35mm in a Folding Camera by Leslie Lazenby

Super Sprockets in a Kodak Jr Six-20 - Chinese Anyone? by Leslie Lazenby

Just about anything I can cram a roll of 35 with or without a cassette into. I have great respect for green painters tape!
66 months ago (permalink)

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gauthierdumonde says:

I use any 120/127 camera I have. I just tape 35mm roll inside the backing paper. I keep them after developing :)
66 months ago (permalink)

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