Jana Obscura 3:55am, 31 December 2010
Basic questions but I'm wondering what people are shooting with to get their sprocket shots? I started with a modified holga which developed pretty severe light leaks. Then on a trip to the Lomography LA store I bought the Sprocket Rocket and got hooked!

What camera/s are you using!?
martinpaling 7 years ago
Sprocket Rocket here too... am wondering if I could adapt my Ilford Sporti to shoot with 35mm too however.

I've been wanting a TLR for a while and although the lubitel looks to have good features I don't feel I can justify £280 on a plastic camera when I can get a vintage TLR for much less.

I keep toying with getting a Diana and a 35mm back but also considering a 120 Holga (Love my Holga 135BC)
rentavet PRO 7 years ago
using several 120 cameras for sprockets. mostly vintage kodak folders,
duoflex, box cameras. put spacers in feed
Orionid PRO 7 years ago
Kodak Brownie Six-20, Six-16, Hawkeye Flash, modified Nishika N8000, and a couple homemade pinholes.
chuckthewriter PRO 7 years ago
Modded Holga 120 for split-film photos (two 35mm films in one camera) and an Agfa Chief 616 shooter for my Swiss Roll photos (35mm wrapped in a 616 film and then shot at the same time).
Jana Obscura 7 years ago
Hi I gotta say I LOVE what you're doing wrapping layers of film over each other during your exposures. Very inspiring!

Thanks for sharing
chuckthewriter PRO 7 years ago
Hi thanks, wait until you see what I've got upcoming very soon!
Jana Obscura 7 years ago
That sounds promising!! ;)
chuckthewriter PRO 7 years ago
, I just posted a couple of sprocket hole photos, including this one -

Bridge over Washington Park, Albany NY, with sprocket holes by chuckthewriter

And a "swiss roll" shot with two different films - 35mm and 616 - in the same camera (my Agfa Chief).

Bridge over Washington Park, Albany NY, photographed with two rolls of film by chuckthewriter
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