Scanning Aids

martinpaling 12:54pm, 29 December 2010
I just wondered what you all use to scan your negatives? I'm using the Epson v500 and a digitaliza... but it sadly crops the full length of the negative...

I have laid some just direct on the scanner bed but if the negatives are too curled it just doesn't work!
Jana Obscura 7 years ago
I use a CanoScan 8800F and manually scan each image in. I've been using a bit of cardboard as a guide and painters tape to secure the image to the glass but I'm scanning so often that it's not efficient.

I did just order the Digitaliza from Lomography. Does that not work well?
iHeartDimSum PRO 7 years ago
I have issues with negatives curling too in my v500, and took to using tape to secure the film down flat. One other option I've tried is to put the negatives in sleeves, and then sandwich them in something heavy and flat for a couple days before scanning. But that involves a lot of patience, which I don't often have...
martinpaling 7 years ago
@hanards the digitaliza will work with moderately curled negatives... anything more than "moderately" and you really need to flatten them out before hand. Like iHeartDimSum I don't have much patience though :)

I kind of wish I had two digitaliza's because if you leave a negative in them for a day or two it's actually quite good for flattening... I might start looking for some large strips of magnetic sheet... the stuff they make temporay car stickers or fridge magnets with.

the biggest drawback to the digitaliza is that it does crop the edges of the negative
rentavet PRO 7 years ago
If you have the lab not wind film very tight when you get it processed it will shorten your flattening time. I use an epson 3170 and put the negs in a clear 120 neg holder just to scan and keep them straight
Orionid PRO 7 years ago
I use an Epson V500 and lay the negatives directly on the glass. I then lay another piece of glass from a photo frame on top to hold the negs flat during scanning.
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