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Developing respooled film

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Kamaroose says:

Hi! I haven't done any sprocket hole photography yet, but I'm itching to try it out with my 120 cameras (a sputnik and an argus 75). Only problem is, neither has a film compartment big enough to hold the width of a 35mm cartridge, which means I'd have to respool 35mm film onto 120 spools. I don't mind doing this, but my question is -- once it's been removed from the 35mm cartridge, how do I take it to be developed?

It seems like, if I want to take it to a crappy 1-hour photo place (which I would like to do, for convenience), they'd have equipment that is very specifically intended for dealing with 35mm cartridges. I could theoretically slap it back on the original spool after exposure and try to close it back up in the cartridge, but I'd be very worried about a once-opened cartridge not being sufficiently light-tight.

What do you guys do? Am I overthinking this?
7:36PM, 11 March 2012 PDT (permalink)

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needmorefilm says:

Just use some foam to hold the cartridge in place and shoot. Then in darkness, wind the film back into the spool and develop as normal. You just need a scanner to get the images to your computer. Tell them not to cut your negatives. Cut them your self. Have fun!
73 months ago (permalink)

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SilverChrome7 says:

You could just buy a reloadable DX coded cartridge but don't forget to ask for it back from the 1hr lab.
Originally posted 73 months ago. (permalink)
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