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Sticky Place for SF Members to post their SF and other networking links KristopherK 162 mom_de_bomb 1 month ago
Help with flickr adding to Spoonflower group ottomanbrim 5 ottomanbrim 3 hours ago
What's With THIS change? Edsel2084 2 vo1234 12 hours ago
New Spoonflower T-shirt contest sef_lopod 19 merlinisboss54 2 days ago
Major Functionality issue on the website merlinisboss54 21 merlinisboss54 2 days ago
New feature or new 'issue': wallpaper setting at 125 ppi? Su_G 3 weavingmajor 3 days ago
Free Shipping Day! merlinisboss54 12 merlinisboss54 3 days ago
Spam? Scam? Chantal Pare 14 Su_G 4 days ago
Has anyone swatched a design on the Wallpaper recently? merlinisboss54 8 merlinisboss54 7 days ago
Now That I Have Gotten Used to the New Layout Edsel2084 9 sef_lopod 7 days ago
Just a 411 for anyone wanting to buy samplers.... merlinisboss54 2 merlinisboss54 9 days ago
Did I read that Turn Around Time Right? Edsel2084 3 merlinisboss54 9 days ago
Congrats to all in the tea towel challenges but weird project pics do no favours Su_G 37 merlinisboss54 12 days ago
New bug: saving a design to a swatch view breaks pre-existing links - or does it? Sometimes... Su_G 22 Edsel2084 12 days ago
Does anyone remember how to change their shop banner? merlinisboss54 5 merlinisboss54 15 days ago
Spoonquake in progress merlinisboss54 7 merlinisboss54 15 days ago
Spoonflower can you move the select button on entries? vo1234 10 weavingmajor 16 days ago
The accounting system is still broke merlinisboss54 10 merlinisboss54 16 days ago
Okay, would it kill programmers to figure this out? merlinisboss54 18 merlinisboss54 17 days ago
Anyone Opt Out of sprout? Its not working. GrannyNan2 20 merlinisboss54 18 days ago
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