aprilcott 5:59am, 28 April 2011
it's with tremendous sadness that i've decided i need to rehome my beloved sphynx cat, oliver.

two things he needs that i cannot provide: another cat as a companion, and even half the attention he desires.

i figure this is a good group to start with - if you have sphynx experience and are looking for a new little hairless lovebug, please contact me. he's ridiculously affectionate, playful, sweet - and like most sphynx, a little saucy ;) - but given my current workload and our new apartment lifestyle, it's become very clear he needs more than i can give. as you can see, he's AWESOME...and i have to find him a forever home that is as well.

please message me for further details, any and all questions and a little bit about yourself and what you can offer this amazing little cat-man; thanks!
aprilcott Posted 5 years ago. Edited by aprilcott (member) 5 years ago
update - so sorry i hadn't done so already -

not having cable, i'd never seen the 'my cat from hell' show, but heard of it and, while i wouldn't say oliver was 'from hell', i recognized behavioral changes may help us both, so i organized a consult with jackson galaxy, which helped us hugely!

do check his site, and count us another happy ending he facilitated. oliver had been rehomed a few times prior to coming to me, and i felt it worthwhile to try everything i could to prevent that from happening to him again, and again, and again.... so, more focused attention, a few routine changes, a lot of play, and we've hit a functioning stride for us both, phew.
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