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Gerry Gutteridge ADMIN July 7, 2013
This is a group for WILD Accipiter images only. If I see images of captive hawks or young birds on the nest or adults that look stressed in any way due to interference from photographers... they will be removed and a ban will follow..... (I have many years experience in recognising such things)

I reserve the right as Administrator to do so...

If it's in this list We would like to see it...

Group Description

As the title of this group suggests it’s all about Sparrowhawks & Accipiters in general. I’m lucky enough to have these top predators visit my garden on a regular basis. I’m not alone; these hawks regularly visit our gardens and parks up and down the UK, and across the world. They are tenacious birds that exploit the layout of our urban and not so urban landscapes.

I’m interested in some of the stories behind the pictures. Yes, the pictures are important, but how do you capture this beautiful bird, where do you see them, what do you do to encourage them to visit? Lots of questions that can be answered by you? This is a chance to show off your photography skills and tell us all a story! I can’t wait!

So come-on, give us all some insight into your garden and parks and this wonderful predator that lives with us!

We are also aware that other Accipiters like Goshawks for example are becoming more widespread in the UK, so if you are lucky enough to have some photographs of these amazing hawks, we would love to see them in this group.

Please though, wild hawks only...and no shots of breeding birds on the nest or their eggs... Illegal in the UK without a special license....Unless licensed to do so by the relevant authority..Or by specialists in this field of research./i>

We also welcome photographs of Accipiter's, ( Goshawk's, Sharp Shin's, Coopers, Shikra's etc ) from all over the world....


Please help! If you happen to come across any pictures of these great birds, please invite to the group using the code below. I try and do a search as regularly as possible but I am not always able to do this frequently enough!! Here’s the code, Just copy and paste what you see written between the lines below here...

Gerry Gutteridge

Great capture..!!!


Hi, There's a group called and they'd love to have this added to the group pool !

Thanks for your help.
This is what it will look like:

Great capture!


Hi, There's a group called All things Sparrowhawk... Accipiter... and they’d love to have this added to the group pool!

Thanks for your help.

Group Rules


1. It has to be all about Accipiters, Sparrowhawks in particular in the UK, their life, prey and their environment. Also Accipiters from anywhere in the world...

2. NO shot's of bird's or their young/ eggs on the nest please.(THAT'S NONE PLEASE) Bird's are protected by the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981 and they will be removed.

2.B...When pictures of young are entered into the group pool... a copy of the relevant license from English Nature would be requested by an administrator.... No rely to the request for license copy would be regarded as "No License" the pictures will be removed and a ban would quickly follow...!

Unless you are a person licensed (if so, please email a scan of your current English Nature license to ) to do so by the relevant authority..

Or you are a specialist in this field of research will an exception be made...
Please seek further advice on Rule 2 before posting shots of young or eggs.. email me from my photo stream here... using flickr mail & I will respond....

Failure to do so will see such un-authorised photographs removed from the group pool.

3. All photograph's MUST be Accipiter (accipitridae ) If your'e not sure.... check this list
If it's in here...... we would love to see it in this group.

4. Please... NO captive or trained bird's shot's.... Let's keep it a challenge... WILD bird's only.

5. Please always remember...Bird's protection / safety comes first.. photography second..

6. New Members... Not strictly a rule as such, but do tell us a little about yourself in the discussions, your region, climate, urban or rural for example.. It need not be war and peace :) just say 'Hello"...

Thank You... Gerry Gutteridge (Admin)

7.Not mandatory but if you have time please put foward a vote on other members shots that you think would be good enough for our gallery. just message myself or any other admin/moderator and wee will add the best chosen by you! regards Steven.

Additional Info

  • Members can post 2 things to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images, Art
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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