Aaron (-_-) 1:41am, 18 March 2009
Thanks everyone for all the awesome entries I've seen this group grow and become a well populated group with both members and pictures.
And now what you've all been waiting for. I feel guilty about only having one prize so I'll be sending 2nd and 3rd place entries each a custom Space pirate minifig with a trans green combat knife.

1st place
Excelera Nomad V2 by Mandingalo

No its not the Skalathrax its Andros wicked cool fighter. This is my stand alone fave for numerous reasons, cool use of Brickarms as greebling, innovative use of treads but mostly what sets this ahead of the rest was his great writeup it left me wanting to know more about Joseph Baker and his further adventures with the captain of the Blight.

2nd place
Pirate Fighter- Blood Hound by vìnn

vanugget's Bloodhound was the frontrunner of the competition until Andros entry. Its got great SNOT techniques as well as wicked weaponry and a definite function yet fashion feel to it. I'm amazed at the quality of this MOC after a 3 month hiatus from the bricks and hope he doesn't neglect the bricks again because I look forward to all of his work in the future.

3rd place.
Lord Armeir's Hypofighter  by The Tomster

Tomster's entry holds a special place in my heart its no secret I love cheesewedges and this beauties chalk full of them. Aside from that its got a great color scheme (dark red is one of my fave colors) and an amazing ability to build a duel wing fighter without looking like a TIE fighter knockoff I've tried before and never had as much luck.

All the winners FM me so I can send out your prizes.

Now congratulate the winners you mangy dogs. ; )
Striker™ [deleted] 7 years ago
Congratulations! Andro deserved to win this one. :)
Mandingalo 7 years ago
Woah! Not what I expected! I actually epected Vanugget's to win! It was just so SNOTty!
~Mkj~ [deleted] 7 years ago
Annonymous 444 7 years ago
Wow, never expected those, but congratulations!
JasBrick PRO 7 years ago
Well done Andromula... the ship is great. Congratulations to all winners.
vìnn 7 years ago
Congratulations Andromula! When I saw you post your fighter, I knew this was how it would turn out. As this is my first competition that I've entered, I'm happy. Congratulations to Tomster, and everyone else.
kojman47 Posted 7 years ago. Edited by kojman47 (member) 7 years ago
Congrats! I'm surprised that this one didn't win.
Mandingalo 7 years ago
Between everyone and myself, this is my first competition as well . . .
^For me too!
Angel Chix [deleted] 7 years ago
^Same here.
Aaron (-_-) 7 years ago
Well Koj Andrews ship was never meant to win it was a way of ensuring people took this contest seriously and ensured the quality of entries was above par. It worked perfectly and it takes a lot of guts to enter in a contest when your going up against a ship like his. This competition was my baby and it should be fairly apparent I'm more of a builder than a customizer and I've got a few ideas for the next competition.
eldeeem 7 years ago
^Ooh, a decoy? Smart. Maybe. It scared me from entering. D:
The Tomster 7 years ago
Congradulations to 1st and 2nd, and I am very excited to place third with all the good competition that there was!
Angel Chix [deleted] Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Angel Chix (member) 7 years ago
@Lt-It did the same thing to me, though the deadline reached its end before my ship neared completion.
kojman47 7 years ago
Oh, so it was set up! Rigged! :P
Aaron (-_-) Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Aaron (-_-) (member) 7 years ago
If the only reason you didn't enter the contest was because you didn't think you'd win then I'd never enter any building contests. Only after seeing Ben Jarvis' Nautilus fighter did I even consider entering the show us what you got starfighter challenge. I like to use contests as good inspiration for building. If theres no pressure to win I try to have as much fun with the contest guidelines. I apologize for the subterfuge but hope people will enter the next one because its fun not because of a prize.
Mandingalo 7 years ago
I entered for the sole reason to challenge myself. I wanted to go out on a limb and create a full sized starfighter, so I did. I entered it the contest thinking . . . "Hey, why not? I mean even if I lose (which I probably will) I had fun, and besides! Now I can move on to something bigger and better!"

I really did have fun though, thanks for hosting this Aaron, or I'd be stuck trying to make even the simplest of starfighters.
<del>Blarg</del> [deleted] 5 years ago
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