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Thanks to everyone who entered the contest the results are up so go congratulate the winners.


  • Eurobricks Space Pirate Contest!

    Go check out the new contest being run on the Eurobricks forums by Sci-fi mod Bo...

    Delatron300053 months ago2 replies

  • Space Pirate Building Competition Ship results.

    Thanks everyone for all the awesome entries I've seen this group grow and become...

    Aaron (-_-)101 months ago18 replies

  • Space Pirate in Wave 3 Minifigs

    Series 3 minifigs by hmillington
    They call it a space villain but its obviously a space pirate. I claim full ...

    Aaron (-_-)107 months ago7 replies

  • Prize Delays

    I would like to apologize to the winners of the Smuggling contest for the delay ...

    Aaron (-_-)107 months ago3 replies

  • A Space Villian's Summer Vacation

    Hiya folks, Some of you might be interested in the new contest happening over...

    Creation Crook108 months ago0 replies

  • A Smugglers Life The Results!!!!

    First off I'd like to thank all the competitors and apologize for the delay in j...

    Aaron (-_-)108 months ago22 replies

  • Input concerning future contests or challenges

    At the onset of this contest I was certain it was going to be the last one I ran...

    Aaron (-_-)109 months ago26 replies

  • What isn't Space Piratey.

    Space Pirate Aesthetic Recently I've seen some photos in the pool that don't ...

    Aaron (-_-)109 months ago20 replies

  • A Smugglers Life for Me (Yet another Space Pirate building Contest)

    A Smugglers Life for Me Contest by Aaron (-_-)
    Avast you mangy Space Dogs its time for another Space Pirate Building Contest....

    Aaron (-_-)109 months ago136 replies

  • Is everybody dead?

    The last post on a topic here was three months ago. Did everybody abandon it?

    The Man Previously Known as Fool114 months ago1 replies

  • Space Pirate Remix Contest 2

    Space Pirate Remix Contest 2 As many of you know, the last contest held in th...

    The Top Hat Bandit117 months ago131 replies

  • Mutiny!!!!

    I've notice an influx of photos that don't really belong in the group and have d...

    Aaron (-_-)118 months ago6 replies

  • Contest?

    I know we just finished the last but i did not get to enter and I am really li...

    "Squeezy"118 months ago8 replies

  • And the winners are.....

    We have decided which scurvy dogs shall take home the loot. Moc Category: ...

    The Top Hat Bandit118 months ago22 replies

  • Remix Contest 2 MOC entry thread.

    Please post one pic of your creation to this thread. Feel free to add a link to ...

    Aaron (-_-)118 months ago18 replies

  • Remix Contest 2 Fig entry thread.

    Post one pic of your Space Piratified (is that even a word) fig here. Please pos...

    Aaron (-_-)118 months ago66 replies

  • Jasbrick Scourge of the Galaxy!!!!!

    Everyone please congradulate Jasbrick our newest admin. Its pretty apparent that...

    Aaron (-_-)118 months ago9 replies

  • Space Pirate and Steampunk project for Brickworld 2010!

    Here is a link to the group for Operation___ ( title pending ) Join if you are g...

    lavish marble118 months ago2 replies

  • LEGO in the title?

    Should the Title of the group include the word LEGO in it? Without it it's somew...

    gifted oil118 months ago15 replies

  • BrickCon

    With BrickCon just weeks away I was wondering how many of our members are going ...

    Aaron (-_-)ages ago10 replies

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