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STICKY CLOSED Off Topic: Editing Photos In Picnik Being Removed

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Chrisser is a group administrator Chrisser says:

For those who rely on Picnik to crop, rotate, straighten photos that come out crooked during the photographing process and adding frames and effects with the Edit photo in Picnik option under the Actions menu above each of your photos, that will be removed, which, in my opinion is not good. I prefer this does not get removed as when I try rotating and straightening photos uploaded directly to Picnik, I get the "Something's Not Right And It's Totally Our Fault" message. I hope the Picnik part stays as it is easier for me to upload a crooked photo to Flickr and then use Edit photo in Picnik to straighten and crop the photo there and then use the Replace option after clicking on Save to replace a crooked photo on Flickr.

1:28PM, 13 January 2012 PDT (permalink)

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Chrisser is a group administrator Chrisser says:

This topic will be "sticky" and also closed to prevent spam attacks that are not allowed in this group. The topic will be re-opened if there are any updates that hopefully will have triggered complaints asking that Picnik editing can be kept.
76 months ago (permalink)

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