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Iain Scott (scotach_camera) [deleted] 10:49am, 11 April 2008
I joined flickr when it was a photo-sharing site. Since I do not want my photos mixed up with videos, I am removing my photos and membership in all groups that permit videos in their pools, like this one.

NO to videos on flickr
felix.h 10 years ago
If you don't want your photos mixed up with videos, why don't you just abstain from uploading videos to your stream? It's not an obligation...
mgjefferies PRO 10 years ago
Why not, you don't have to watch; is there going to be some kind of contamination?
Daneel.vt Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Daneel.vt (member) 10 years ago
Think video is a great addition to flickr. Will attrack more people that before wouldn't have given flickr a second thought. It's a tool I can use to improve the overall experience users have when visiting my stream. Now I just need to get myself a videocam :)
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