Ian Treherne Photography 11:26pm, 13 March 2011
Hello, my name is Ian Treherne, I have only just joined Flickr, shocking I know!! Anyway I am still finding the ropes around here on this site, any tips would be grateful. I do sell prints when requested.
My work is often splattered about Southend cafe/Restaurents and Exhibitions.
Feel free to give me a jingle!

Harry® 7 years ago
Hi Ian - I shall watch out for photos next time I'm in Southend Cafe or restaurant!
My only claim to fame in that regard is the occasional shot in the Echo, but when you see some of the poor shots in there, I suppose that is no recommendation anyway!!
Dynite PRO 7 years ago
Hi, be sure to check out the 'Southend-on-sea' group. It is a bit more active than this one.
Harry® 7 years ago
You are right there, Dynite, I feel we might be better with just the one group?
Not sure how to go about it though!!
Hello guys, Thanks for the tip. Still finding my way around here.

I have some paintings and a few photos in the squeeze bar in leigh at the mo, though they are mixed up with nikis photos! basically it is a mish mash of art and photography splattered upstairs.
I had some work in My Kitchen before it sadly shut down :-(
I am involved with alot of the creativity in southend along with metal/tap etc. I do spread myself about ha ha!

So is the other group better?
Oooh yes, the other group is great :-))

You can find it here :-)
My gosh, will the time come when my pic hang in some restaurant? :D

..and what is 'metal/tap' .. ? :D

Dynite PRO 7 years ago
Yeah, I was wondering what this 'matal/tap' thing is too. :)
Trevor Dennis PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Trevor Dennis (member) 7 years ago
Trevor Dennis PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Trevor Dennis (member) 7 years ago
My gosh, will the time come when my pic hang in some restaurant? :D

You could break a window and get your picture hanging on the wall of the police canteen.
Hello guys, sorry I have been away from Flickr, tis hard keeping up with everything! A question, do you know anyone who has used a 17mm-70mm lens sigma canon fit??? Wanted somebodies experiences, good or bad! I am upgrading and thinking of getting a Sigma, wanted to hear some reports!
exfordy PRO 7 years ago
I joined the group for my Canon (40D) and they have active discussions.
There is a group 'Canon EOS 1000D (aka Rebel XS)' for your Canon. You could join that and ask the question there.
Thanks very much for that, will have a look now. I ordered new lens after weeks of intensive research, learnt blooming loads from reviews and you tube videos!
Hello everybody! I am looking for a picture of Southend Victoria Roundabout, when it had flowers and green grass on it. If you know someone, let me know as it would go into a magazine which is based in Southend, You have 48 hours to get back to me!!!! Time starts now.
Obviously they will be credited, no time to lose!
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