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Harry® 8:53pm, 30 November 2010
One of our members is a very talented up and coming local artist, you might even have one of his pictures on your garage walls!! (kidding OK)
This is from tonight's local paper...

Dan, how about posting some of your work into a thread?
Trevor Dennis PRO 8 years ago
Does Dan have a flickr account? An old buddy of mine is into air brush and fine art, and still lives in Leigh. Paul Karslake
Harry® Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Harry® (member) 8 years ago
Hi Trevor
I remember Paul Karslake, I believe he lived in the 'Old Vicarage' in Benfleet?
Didn't one of his relatives (Jo Karslake) marry Ronnie Woods?
I saw her once or twice before her modelling career took off, she was a stunner!!

Dan Kitchener
Dan Kitchener - DANK 8 years ago
Trevor Dennis PRO 8 years ago
Dan, thanks for the links.

Harry, it sure is a small world (he typed from 12,000 miles away). Yes The Karslakes lived in the Old Vicarage, and Jo married Ronnie Wood - before he became a Rolling Stone IIRC. I took some photographs of their son many years ago, using a Roliflex would you believe? I wonder if I can find the negs?

Paul's dad had a great scooter collection at the back of his model making business in Eastwood. As an engineer, I was more interested in the model making.
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