ZachClapham 9:50pm, 27 August 2009
I know this is all a bit last minute but there is a skateboarding competition going on at Leigh-On-Sea skatepark on Sunday the 30 August at about 1 o'clock onwards.
I thought it would be something that some of you might be interested in because I can guarantee there will be plenty of photo photo ops and if you're lucky even the opportunity to watch me fall on my face a few times.
Harry® 9 years ago
Nice idea Zach, although I won't be able to make it, it might make a good photo opportunity for others!
Where is the skate park by the way, is it by One Tree Island?
ZachClapham 9 years ago
Two Tree, yeah.
When you get to the train station you turn into that little road and keep going past the car park and its there
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