Harry® 8:37pm, 22 March 2009
Admiral's Place
Watch out here!, you see the open patio window in the bottom right apartment, well I think the occupant is a little paranoid.
I took 2 pictures of the building this morning about 10am and was suddenly aware of this big old boy bellowing across the road (I was hundreds of yards away!) "What the b@$%^y H@&* are you doing"
Assuming the question was rhetorical, as it must have been fairly obvious what I was doing, and seeing no point in bellowing a reply, I gave him a cheery wave and wandered on my way!
Not sure he was in a cheery mood though as he continued with the shouting, I again decided a another wave would have to suffice.

Seriously though, I'm not sure he was quite the ticket,
You have been warned!
Community Archive 9 years ago
LOL - One for the 'Photography is not a Crime' Pool!
(deaf mute) 9 years ago
Maybe the occupant was the concierge with nothing better to do? Even so, it's ridiculous that people get upset about us taking photos of buildings.
Nice photo, btw.
Trevor Dennis PRO 9 years ago
Oh dear. I am afraid I would have had to wind the old bugger up.
temporary class [deleted] 8 years ago
I would have shouted Benefits Investigator and walked on...
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