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Harry® 2:14pm, 10 February 2009
Sorry if this old can of worms has to be reopened!!

This is from our home page:
If you post to this group please identify where the photo was taken using the 'Place this photo on a map' function. Any photo not identified as taken within the Southend on Sea district and not readily seen as such will be removed by an Administrator. Please do not post photos that could have been taken anywhere but just happen to have been taken in the district.
And this: If the images are not easily recognizable as Southend and they do not say what or where they are, they will be removed. is from the sticky!!

But we are still getting pictures which could be taken anywhere and lots which might be from Southend but don't say so.

Please have a look through your own images and if they don't follow the guide lines please remove from the pool.

It's not actually my rules but it is so obvious that a group called
"Southend on Sea district, Essex, UK"
would only want pictures of Southend on Sea district, Essex, UK and not next doors cat, admittedly looking very cute, sunning itself in a flower bed! that we should not really need to have such a rule, let alone having to remind people periodically.

So get in there and show no mercy with your images.
Harry® 9 years ago
I just removed quite a number of pictures from the pool. there did not seem to be any particular relationship with Southend, I checked the home page for each one to make sure before removing them!! and it is time consuming!!

Please don't keep posting pictures which could be of anywhere!
Harry® 9 years ago
Come on guys, I have just removed some more!!
Does anyone read the posts??
exfordy PRO 8 years ago
Harry Limey I do. And I removed some a while ago.
Harry® 8 years ago
Hello Brian
It's taken you 18 months to reply?? LOL
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