Harry® 3:56pm, 10 February 2009
Just want to run this idea past the folks on here!

It is possible to easily check the pool for tags! and it's easy to remove images without a certain tag!
So I was wondering how everyone would feel if there was a requirement to tag all the pool images with
Before implementing such a rule, it would obviously need to be advertised on the home page and in a new thread.
But it would indicate that all the pictures in the pool are from people who have read the group guidelines, that the pool is for pictures of Southend, (which is not always so apparent when looking at some of the entries in the pool)

We need to know what you all think of this idea, some people object in principle to adding tags, so let us know your views in the next week or so.
(deaf mute) 9 years ago
Most of my images are tagged with "Southend", but a few have "Westcliff" instead. Do you get many images that are submitted that have no connection with the locality?
Trevor Dennis PRO 9 years ago
I don't have a lot of pictures in the pool, but I checked and they were tagged Southend anyway. If you have group rules then folk should respect them, or go elsewhere. Go for it Harry.
I think mine are probably all tagged with 'Southend', but like Arty I've got some with other local place names. I don't have any problems with adding 'Southend' as well.
Trevor Dennis - are you Trevor that used to be married to Terry? I am Harriet's sister !! What a small world Flickr is :-)
Harry® 9 years ago
Art, it would be easy to have the robot search for westcliff too, but it might be better to call a halt there! because thinking of Leigh, it would need leigh, leigh on sea, leigh-on-sea, and any other derivatives! and the various spellings of shoebury could take days!!
And yes there are quite a few which could have been taken anywhere, some very nice images too, but that's not what it's about of course.
I would think that over time, half the pool has been removed.
exfordy PRO 9 years ago
Indeed it is:
Trevor took early retirement from Ford in 2004. He worked at Dunton.
I took early retirement from Ford in 2004. I worked at Dunton.
Only difference is he was then 54 and I was 55...
exfordy PRO 9 years ago
Just did mine.
Hi exfordy, and thanks for the reply.

My brother Paul Marks used to work at Ford's in Dunton, did you know him too?
exfordy PRO 9 years ago
Sorry - only now seen this. No, I don't recognise that name. It was only towards the end that I worked at Dunton so didn't get to know many people there.
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