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johngretton71 8:36pm, 11 April 2008
Flickr has decided to invite video, I have banned it from sites i administer, shall we ban it here?
Wishing on a star 10 years ago
Yes I think video is out of place. Still photography takes more thought
Harry® 10 years ago
Yes for me too John.
exfordy PRO 10 years ago
...and me.
Trevor Dennis PRO 10 years ago
It seems right that video should not be posted to this group, but I have no problem with video on flickr generally. In fact, this obsessive, almost Ludite, backlash against video around almost every group, is disturbing.

Next we'll be having a 'Light a Candle for the oppressed rights of videographers' group, and have invites to _that_ posted to every group on flickr.
Harry® 10 years ago
OK I have amended the rules not to allow videos into the pool.
As far as I know (and I don't know much on this matter!!) videos can still be posted into threads themselves?
so if anyone has something relevant they want to post, they could give it a try!!
Just out of interest I am a member of four groups, all to do with Serif software, and we started a sister group, just for the posting of videos, so should there ever be a need we can always start a similar group just for videos from on here!
Mac... 10 years ago
The only video I'd want to see in this group is a 'rider's eye view' of the Rage rollercoaster at adventure island. Apart from that, I think just photos is just fine.
chemodan 10 years ago
A white Knuckle Riders Video Group is a great idea! I'm not sure that video lends itself to most subjects however - British Fungi And Lichens vids, for example,could be really thrilling! I think that video submissions will, for the most part, be self-limiting.
Trevor Dennis PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Trevor Dennis (member) 10 years ago
Are the Westcliff Film & Video Club still going strong? Yes, I see they are:

If there was a sister group, they would be a good source of SoS video soundbites.

Woah!!! That was scary. I used to belong to the club some years ago, and I have just looked their hall of fame. Some familiar names have suddenly become very very old. The interesting thing is that I learnt a lot about lighting back then, but the current members obviously don't apply their lighting skills to member mug shots.

[Edit] Just emailed them suggesting they might like to start a SoS video group.
Harry® 10 years ago
Good idea Trevor, maybe if they do, we could link to them and they could link to us!
If you get a reply maybe you could point them this way??

Andy Kewell PRO 10 years ago
If flickr is going to become another Youtube, I may have to reconsider my membership. I would rather not see video here.
Rick P Davis 10 years ago
Takumar ......... I couldn't agree more.

Is this the point at which we see Flickr slide ungracefully into the depths that YouTube and the like have sunk very rapidly?

It's like Southend Radio placing snips of video on their website. If they want to be a television station then be a television station otherwise stick to being a radio station.......Radio the most visual medium there is!
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