exfordy PRO 10:46pm, 17 March 2008
I just had a look at photos in the pool.

Harry Limey - the original Admin wrote "If the images are not easily recognizable as Southend and they do not say what or where they are, they will be removed."
On that basis several should be removed -
The crane:
The flowers:
The close up of people:
Valentine's day rose... name but a few.
I didn't simply delete these; I thought I'd make the point here first.
Harry® 10 years ago

"If the images are not easily recognizable as Southend and they do not say what or where they are, they will be removed."
Yes! I suppose I should have said
"If the images are not easily recognizable as Southend or they do not say what or where they are, they will be removed."

I must admit Brian I have already removed dozens of other people's images so under my own rules mine should go too!! I shall leave it to you to remove them.
I was just considering whether we should amend the rule, but really I think the pictures should clearly be of a Southend feature, and not something found in any town in the UK, what do others think?.
exfordy PRO 10 years ago
Well, I have had a bit of a purge...
Trevor Dennis PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Trevor Dennis (member) 10 years ago
Seems to me that if the pictures discription places firmly within the boundries of the Group's area, then it is OK. Shots like the crane, while very colourful, had no description so could have been taken anywhere, so pehaps not right for the Group.

As for the people shots, then I am all for a bit of local 'flavour'. There is more to an area than landscapes and scenery. The second of the example shots, for instance could hardly be 'more' Southend. LOL
Harry® 10 years ago
Good point Trevor!
Anyone else have any observations?
Hi exfordy - I am just replying about my pic

I agree it doesn't specifically show Southend - although it does mention the pier in the title of the pic and I have also put it on the map so that anyone can see that it was taken in Southend but if you think it doesn't fulfil the criteria of the group closely enough then I won't be offended if you remove it :-)
Harry® Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Harry® (member) 10 years ago
We seem to have had more postings which might be from anywhere!! sinceexfordy started this topic!
We really do not want to offend anyone but please make sure your images are relevant and are within the guidelines.

I noticed another Southend group has started up and seems to have hundreds of pictures of cars and lorries on it, maybe those images which are not Southend scenes could be posted on there?

I did look at your image and I thought it was very evocative of Southend and other seaside towns, it was a good image and sort of summed up the end of a seaside romance maybe, very sad!
I honestly don't quite know what we should do, I think maybe we ought to have a general discussion in a new thread!
Trevor Dennis PRO 10 years ago
As I said above, I am all for showing the essence of a town with non architectural or land/seascape shots, but the Valentine’s Day rose has no specific link to Southend, and IMO has no place in this pool. The old folk in the car on the Esplanade is wonderfully evocative of Southend as a sea-side town, and does deserve to be in the pool. The Basset Pearls image is questionable at best.
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