March storms

Harry® 2:43pm, 11 March 2008
March Storms in Southend
I took this yesterday (Monday 10th March 2008) on Chalkwell Esplanade, and was happy to see it included in Tonights Echo!!
Anyone else take any?
Trevor Dennis PRO 10 years ago
Hi Harry

The UK weather made it on the news here in New Zealand, but was more about the South West and Wales. It looks like you didn't entirely escape it in Essex though.

Congratulations on getting it in the Echo. We'll be in Southend this July for a couple of weeks, so I'll try and get some poictures for the pool. :-)
Harry® 10 years ago
Hi Trevor

I was wondering about you, we have not heard from you in a while! or maybe I have been looking in the wrong places!!
I'm sure you will just love Southend after New Zealand!!!
The views here are just so spectacular, and the weather, as you can see ( a normal July day!!) is obviously much nicer than you will be used to!
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