Group renamed

exfordy PRO 10:00pm, 21 October 2007
Harry Limey (the other Admin) and I thought the group description was unclear or ambiguous given the description that went with it. I've therefore renamed the group and, hopefully, made the description clear.
I've just Flickr-mailed all the members to advise this. Hope you all don't mind the group name change and hope you'll keep posting - relevant photos! - to the group.
Harry® Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Harry® (member) 11 years ago

Great idea! especially emailing everyone!! must have taken a while!!

Just had another thought! wonder what everyone thinks!!
How about posting any pictures that you take, which you think are a bit 'special' into a thread, as well as into the pool??
So they get a little bit more attention and maybe a few comments!!

exfordy PRO 11 years ago
30 e-mails, all the same content. Not too long.
I like your idea, Harry. Why don't you start the thread?
Spookygonk 11 years ago
Ah, God bless cut 'n paste. :D
Harry® 11 years ago

OK I will start the ball rolling!!
Hopefully everyone will post one of their best photo's!!
Give me time to sort one out!!
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