MarkAllanson 6:05pm, 9 April 2007
It's not particularly clear what the differences are between the Southenders and Southend-on-Sea groups?

I've been posting only to the other other group and didn't know this one existed till someone over there pointed it out.

What exactly is the difference between the two? I can't really tell and am unsure whether I should be cross posting my photos to both groups?
Harry® 11 years ago
Hi Mark

You are most welcome to post your images on here as well as on the other group!
Not sure there are any differences now!! (I see they have changed their rules to be a little more in line with ours!!)
Actually seems a shame to have two similar groups doing the same sort of things!!
abundant action [deleted] 11 years ago
This group is MUCH friendlier!
chemodan 11 years ago
I've been posting to this group for a year now. I'll stick.
MarkAllanson 11 years ago
I'll cross post for now, seems logical that they should merge *shrug* Maybe a group could be created for "Southend Photographers" that don't necessarily have to be pictures of Southend, but pictures taken by Southend Photog's - might be a good way to index local photographers :)
abundant action [deleted] 11 years ago
Hello Mark,

That is why this one is called Southenders. I started this group at a time when there was no group for Southend and I could not find any other Southend based photographers in flickr. I agree that the two groups could now be merged.

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