- Annetta - 8:55pm, 26 November 2009
I made a pukipuki faq with lots of links in our pukipuki group. So maybe we can do the same here?

What size of clothes do they fit?
Do they fit Kelly? and pukipuki? what about latiwhite?
Do pukipuki wigs fit well, or are they large?
And the magic items?
birdie's stuff PRO 9 years ago
Bratz Kidz tops are ok
Bratz Babyz tops are perfect (shorts/shirts are way too wide)
Kelly/Shelly/Tommy tops and some dresses are ok, but wide (most pants/shorts are too wide, but not by too much)
Little Pullip outfits (probably also Little Dal) seem to be a good fit (I only have a couple, both one-piece suits, and they're a tad bit long in the torso but otherwise perfect)
Konji doll tops are perfect although the velcro in the back is thick and stiff and would be best replaced (it builds volume), pants are too narrow/slim to get over the hips

Kelly/Shelly/Tommy shoes are perfect!
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