waiting !

sleepingelf PRO 9:20am, 8 October 2009
Ok Im here pictures but waiting alone in anticipation ..some of the shipping orders have gone out now it wont be long now untill we have pictures in the gallery

I cant wait !
*octarine* PRO 9 years ago
Morning, Carrie ;) I'll join you in the wait. My Soso left Incheon airport yesterday. Hurrah!
Motherofpearlz 9 years ago
You're not alone, I can't wait to get my grinning Soso! *stalks FL for shipping notice* luv MOP...
am here too waiting in line :o))))) x
sleepingelf PRO 9 years ago
Wonder if its just the Soso going out now ?
Jenny and Evie PRO 9 years ago
Joining the waiting room--I ordered Sept 3 from Denver Doll, so I am thinking in the next few weeks they will start getting orders--how exciting!
wilkies 9 years ago
yeah joining the waiting room, I payed the 6th for soso and tyni .
I am so curious to see what everybody is going to do with these very tiny creatures, I wonder if they pose the way they do on fairyland site, I know I won't be dissapointed because of the puki and pukifee's which are great too.
I haven't got any fairyland mail yet.
sleepingelf PRO 9 years ago
Ive just had to contact them address was wronge on the Soso its been noted and changed ..hope it wont be too long now
susanoh29 9 years ago
I ordered my two from DDE on Sept. 11. I sure hope we get to see lots of pictures. I can't wait for mine.
classy attraction [deleted] 9 years ago
I am waiting for mine too
sleepingelf PRO 9 years ago
I ordered my Soso straight away ..and Tyni on the 7th
they are still before shipping ..sigh
sleepingelf PRO 9 years ago
at last ! Im shipped !
~P.B.C.~ Atelier 9 years ago
Hi everybody, I just joined this group. I'm also waiting for my little one to arive, I've order a Soso. I could not resist that cute little face. That smile is just so wonderfull.
He's on his way to me, Fairyland shipped my soso on 19 october. I'm so excited that he is almost home.
sleepingelf PRO 9 years ago
HIYA !]im waiting for my Soso and Tyni to clear UK customs
still no word on them since they entered yesterday
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